The kids were very excited about the snow!  They had to rush downstairs and put on snowpants, gloves, boots and their warm jackets!  Guess winter has officially arrived…

P1080332 P1080336 P1080337 P1080340 P1080343


Up and down the big hill…P1080349 P1080350 P1080354 P1080356 P1080358

Mark sawing a bit more wood…

P1080362 P1080373 P1080378

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7 comments on “Playing…

  1. kiwiskan says:

    wonderful capture of the freshness of children’s delight… A welcome relief from the jaded city scene.

  2. Margaret says:

    HI Erin Oh children always love snow adn your are no different. Great fun an I see they aare all equiped in they warm clothing. Love the last shots.. Stunning.

  3. Anne Payne says:

    You have beautiful children. But you are freezing me to death!

  4. bettyl says:

    Kids are so awesome to watch–it makes you wonder what they’re thinking! Great shots.

  5. Electra says:

    The children playing in the snow makes my heart sing. Lovely shots.

  6. Arija says:

    The sheer joy of the first snow! Lovely to see the happy children playing.

  7. Pat says:

    Sweet shots.

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