The kids were very excited about the snow!  They had to rush downstairs and put on snowpants, gloves, boots and their warm jackets!  Guess winter has officially arrived…

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Up and down the big hill…P1080349 P1080350 P1080354 P1080356 P1080358

Mark sawing a bit more wood…

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Snow and kids!

We’ve had our first official measurable snowfall for this season.  We received about 4 inches Tuesday night and bit more on Wednesday.  It seems like fall was  splendid but it never stays around long enough.  The boys took full advantage of a snow covered hill and wore the snow right off it…

Part of the boys coming down the hill. Zayne is all grins!

Whoa, a bit of turning. Zayne’s still smiling though!

Big CRASH!! Not sure that he is still smiling!

Face-plant and kind of cold.

Teigen’s turn.


CRASH!! Yep that’s just his head, the rest of him is buried under the snow.

Hayden,doing a bit of standing on his sled.


And of course, Kletta has to chase them down the hill…

We celebrated the day and enjoyed hot cocoa, hot apple cider and had warm, home-made rolls with cream of potato soup for supper.  It doesn’t get much better than this!

More sledding adventures…

As promised, here is Hayden’s super jump that Tori caught at a moments notice…

From 2009-01-22, Tori’s

Please click on picture to see an amazing jump…

Hayden is quite a dare devil and is very tough.  All afternoon the kids took videos trying to capture themselves going off their jump.  Hayden’s jump was by far the most impressive of all the kids!  He is very proud of how far he was able to fly.  He will admit it hurt his stomach… just a little though and kept sledding the rest of the day.

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The kids sledding on a beautiful day.

The kids sledding on a beautiful day.

Back when the kids had decent snow to sled on, sledding was a daily thing that happened around here.  Lately we have had a lot of hard ice that is now covered by yesterdays 4 inches of snow, not the best to sled on if you crash alot!  Here are just a couple of pictures of sledding this year…

Having fun sledding in deep snow.

Having fun sledding in deep snow.

Sawyer at the end of the day.

Sawyer at the end of the day.


Teigen after a hard day sledding, asleep on the kitchen floor!



Teigen after a hard day sledding, asleep on the kitchen floor!



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