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Lazuli Bunting

Cool Facts via All About Birds

  • Each male Lazuli Bunting two years of age and older sings only one song, composed of a series of different syllables, and unique to that individual. Yearling males generally arrive on the breeding grounds without a song of their own. Shortly after arriving, a young male develops its own song, which can be a novel rearrangement of syllables, combinations of song fragments of several males, or a copy of the song of one particular older male.

  • Song copying by young male Lazuli Buntings can produce song neighborhoods, in which songs of neighboring males are similar.



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We still have about 17 ewes to lamb, give or take a few depending on how many of the yearling ewes caught last fall.  This lambing season has just zoomed on by and we’re about done!


Precious little ewe lamb, she weighed just 2.5 lbs when she was born.


Handsome ram lambs, out of Louise.


Do I know how she feels!? Tired, yep; sore, yep; walked on, welllll… 😉


Handsome Reykur, lambs will be coming from his pairing soon.


Protector of the flock




Beautiful boy ❤

And the chicks are even growing and in their big chicken feathers now.



A smitten little girl!

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