Magnificent Sunset…

It has been a wet,stormy day filled with rain and thunderstorms but this evening we were blessed with…


Beauty after the storm…. IMG_2824

And reflections off the mud puddles…IMG_2829

It one of my most favored things about spring, IMG_2831

Storms mixed with a bit sun which makes the grass and plants turn a vivid green…IMG_2833



Happiness!IMG_2837 IMG_2841 IMG_2847 IMG_2857

IMG_2872 IMG_2887 IMG_2895

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Last Sunday, my littlest little boy stayed home from church with me to tend to the sheep.  We had a very wonderful morning…


Yes, we now have three bottle babies and they are waiting very impatiently while I make their bottles up and Zayne decides which jello flavor he wants.


Frodo,Frost and Snoopy following us around while we do chores…



Photo by Zayne:  🙂


Checking out how the leash works…P5122320

Another photo by Zayne of Thor and the three stooges…P5122312

Another photo taken by Zayne of the hen (above) and the pasture (below).P5122317

My zany Zayne!


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