Mutton Bustin’…


Teigen had an awesome rodeo experience  this past Thursday!  He was chosen to see how long he could ride on a sheep!

Here he is before, checking out the sheep…




The sheep making their way up to the chutes…BeFunky_IMG_2950.jpg

Getting his helmet and vest on…


Him and his daddy laughing about something…




Teigen and his lucky sheep…


He’s off…well not really, just out of the chute…


BeFunky_P8150853.jpg BeFunky_P8150854.jpg BeFunky_P8150855.jpg

13.6 seconds!


Giving the rodeo clown a high-five!



All smiles as he runs to dad!

He ended up placing 2nd that night out of 11 kids!BeFunky_IMG_2943.jpg BeFunky_photo (26).jpg BeFunky_1010549_196764840492504_713570742_n.jpg

Showing off his new buckle and bandanna!!

Good riding buddy!

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The Chicken Chick


Good Morning…


Last night’s beautiful moon!  Can you imagine hiking to the top of mountain by moonlight?  That’s what Sawyer and his buddies did this morning or maybe call it last night, where-ever 2 a.m. fits in that time frame.  They hiked to the top of Mt. Aneas in the Jewel Basin to watch the earth come alive…


The first hints of daylight…P1230285 P12302931 P12303001 P12303131 P12303221 P12303341 P12303351 P12303391 P12303471 P12303491

I love these two pictures of this young man!


The hike back down in the daylight…P12303511 P12303461 P1230352

What a wonderful experience for these guys!

A little more info about Mt. Aeneas in the Jewel Basin…

At just over 7,500 feet Mount Aeneas could easily be bypassed for other peaks with higher elevations or in more popular locations such as Glacier National Park.

To do so would be to miss a jewel of a peak. In fact, Mount Aeneas is located in the Jewel Basin. The views into Glacier National Park, The Bob Marshal Complex and The Flathead Valley are worth the easy hike to the summit. The map rates it as strenuous but by Glacier National Park Standards this is an easy class 1/2 hike.

The Jewel Basin is home to 27 lakes and most of them have fish in them. In days gone by it was possible to enter the Jewel Basin and have the area to yourself. Talk about fishing and a great wilderness experience!

Remote campsites are provided at a few selected lakes and most of them are an easy day hike away from the trailhead at Camp Misery (more on the name later). The Jewel Basin is made up of 15,349 acres (62.1 km²) and 50 miles of trails. The Jewel Basin is specially designated for hiking only, with motorized vehicles and horses prohibited.

The locals say that Camp Misery was named for the place that a local tribe spent a terrible winter. It is not impossible to imagine such a winter as the snowfall in this particular area is measured in feet not inches.

More Info Here…

Mount Aeneas is named for Chief Aeneas Paul who was born in 1828 and was also known as Big Knife II and Koostatah I.

As Chief of a band of Kootenai along the western shore of Flathead Lake, Chief Aeneas struggled with the rapid white settlement of the Flathead Valley. 

By one account, the half Iroquois Aeneas Paul rose to chief when Chief Baptiste was killed by Blackfeet Indians near the site of present-day Hungry Horse Dam in 1876. He had six children by his wife Woman’s Cry of Triumph. Two of his sons would die at the hands of white men and two would carry on as chief after him. 

Chief Aeneas is of the Dayton Creek band of the Kootenai. He is believed to be one of the negotiators of the Hell Gate Treaty of 1855 and an interpreter for missionaries such as Father Pierre Jean DeSmet. 

Other names of nearby geographic features — like Broken Leg Mountain, Lamoose Lake, and Baptiste Peak — reflect the names of Kootenai leaders from the mid-to-late 1800s. 

Source: Swan Journal article by Keith Hammer 


A Day with Big Brother…

A couple of weeks ago the boys spent the day doing what they love best! With their big brother!!  What else could the boys ask for?


Garrett and his catch! He caught 8 fish in all!


Nice sunfish, Teigen!


Zayne is pretty proud!  He caught 5 fish that day!


Two at once!


Another double catch!  Hayden caught 5 fish!



The line-up!  These fish don’t stand a chance.P1230179

Teigen caught 10 fish that day!  Happy boy!


Sawyer, big brother himself, caught three fish in between taking fish off the hook and fixing tangles.P1230183

Thanks Sawyer for the incredibly fun day catching lots of fish!  Lots of memories made.

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20 years ago…

How can it be that 20 years ago today that we brought home this adorable little guy…

Sawyer 31 10

We were young (16 and 18) and scared to death…

Sawyer 23

Many, many people said we wouldn’t make it…Sawyer 29 5 Sawyer 29 8 Sawyer 31 20 Sawyer 31 17 Sawyer 28 1 IMG_2330 127-2737_IMG


(Reserve Champion market steer and Grand Champion Showmen)


(Shooting at Nationals for small bore pistol in 4H.)


IMG_2631 IMG_1731

IMG_2736 IMG_8369 BeFunky_VintageColors_8 IMG_0146P1010707

P1070346 IMG_23812

But, oh how love grows…


By the good grace of God.

Happy 20th birthday wishes to Sawyer!  We are so proud of the young man you are…


Last Sunday, my littlest little boy stayed home from church with me to tend to the sheep.  We had a very wonderful morning…


Yes, we now have three bottle babies and they are waiting very impatiently while I make their bottles up and Zayne decides which jello flavor he wants.


Frodo,Frost and Snoopy following us around while we do chores…



Photo by Zayne:  🙂


Checking out how the leash works…P5122320

Another photo by Zayne of Thor and the three stooges…P5122312

Another photo taken by Zayne of the hen (above) and the pasture (below).P5122317

My zany Zayne!


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Little Boys…

Been super busy lately!  We are almost finished with lambing and only have nine ewes left.  I will have to update my blog soon with all that’s been going on.  Here’s a few pictures of my little rambunctious boys.

Tiegen looking down from the roof of the chicken house.



Practicing his form…

Good job!

Teigen’s shot…


See that, mom?


Going for a ride!

Faster, Faster, FASTER!!

Gonna rope ya!

♥ ♥ Precious ♥ ♥

Precious little boy…(taken at the State Shooting Sports tournament in Bozeman)

After hanging out, watching the kids shoot all day Zayne was starting to get a bit sleepy.

So was dad. 😉

I love how he put his hat on his knee.

His new cap!

Really knocked out! Love his little face.

Little, sleepy grin.

Later that night, before going swimming. Silly boy!!

Precious little boy.

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