Little Turkey

Something caught my eye at the dinner table the other evening, I couldn’t quite tell what it was until I was able to get a clear look…


This little wild  turkey hen was roosting for the evening in the snag in back of  the house…IMG_1742 IMG_1745

She’s all nestled in for the night…IMG_1749

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Doing the rounds…


Emma has loved being my little helper!  She makes sure all the lambies get their daily dose of loving!

P4271439 P4271440 P4271441 P4271443


Even Thor gets to enjoy her loving…P4271445

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Making Friends…

Teigen was determined to make friends with some of the babies today.  It was the lambs first day out of their jugs…

P4170941-001 P4170942-001 P4170943-001 P4170947-001 P4170949-001 P4170950-001 P4170956-001 P4170957-001

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Delight this morning…

Tori went out to check mamas at lunch and found Delight on her back and legs flailing. Tori was able to get her turned over right away and when Delight stood up she noticed she was starting to go into labor.  Thankful for observant young ladies today!


Felicity getting something to eat…


A beautiful black spotted ewe lamb.


Warming up under the heat lamp…


❤ Felicity ❤ Love the heart pattern on her nose.

IMG_9798 IMG_9802 IMG_9803 IMG_9826

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