Hunting Christmas Trees…

Our family had such a great time a couple weekends ago, hunting Christmas trees and hanging out with some friends of ours while enjoying the snow…IMG_4427



Sled rides…


Playing in the snow…

IMG_4541Looking and searching for that special tree…IMG_4438 IMG_4482

My husband with our bush of a tree, bigger around than it was tall…IMG_4499 IMG_4517 IMG_4527

Pulling our trees back to the vehicles…IMG_4537

Some of the kids put up trees in their rooms…IMG_4525-2

A little fire was built to help warm in the kids and cook supper…IMG_4545  IMG_4547

Jetboil apple cider to warm up with too…IMG_4548

Cutting hot dog roasting sticks…IMG_4549

Little Emma’s feet were wet and cold…IMG_4551

Roasting those hot dogs…IMG_4560 IMG_4567 IMG_4573-Edit IMG_4575

Emma’s new slippers!  A pair of gloves to keep her feet warm…IMG_4586 IMG_4590 IMG_4611 IMG_4616

Loading the tree up…IMG_4622

The beautiful misty, foggy sunset in the forest that evening…


Awesome day spent with great friends…

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8 comments on “Hunting Christmas Trees…

  1. Margaret says:

    What a wonderful time you all had hunting for trees. Hope you all had. A brilliant CHRISTMAS Day.

  2. DeniseinVA says:

    This is an awesome series of photos!!! What fun you had. My husband and I just looked through them and it was so enjoyable. Thank you for sharing this fun day with us. Happy New Year!

  3. kiwiskan says:

    Love it – thanks for sharing

  4. Sandy A. says:

    What fun and special memories made. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
    Love Emma’s new slippers!

  5. looks like tons of fun..enjoy your wonderful time with your family and happy holiday..

  6. We had a wonderful Christmas Sandy! Hope you guys did as well. 🙂

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