Evening Fishing…

We spent Sunday evening fishing and exploring the countryside…IMG_9513 IMG_9457

Dragon Flies…

IMG_9454 IMG_9452

My Fishing crew…


Water Lilies…


Water Lilies…

IMG_9433 IMG_9431

Little boys fishing…


Frogs peaking out…





Sego Lily…


Sky reflecting on the pond…IMG_9363

Wild Iris…


Wild Roses…


Wild Iris…


More water lilies…

IMG_9342 IMG_9338 IMG_9336

Great Blue Heron…


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Shine the Divine


4 comments on “Evening Fishing…

  1. Margaret says:

    A lovely way to spend an evening with some of the family. Your images are gorgeous and reflections stunning. My favorite shots are no 1,8,9,11 and I love the blue Iris as well. Water Lilies are wonderful also.

  2. dianaed2013 says:

    thank you for sharing – you give your children such interesting experiences which I am sure they will always remember Love the images and different viewpoints

  3. Wonderful post. Loved that first shot of your girl fishing and the one with the two boys. They are adorable. Also loved the frog, the heron and the water lilies.

  4. Oh wow, what an exquisite series. I love all the reflections you caught as well as the sharp details in your macros. Looks like your family had a lot of fun. Last weekend my husband and daughter went mountain biking near a beautiful beaver pond. I spent two hours observing and photographing pond life, what a joy! Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

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