Full Color Day…


Cold, cold, cold today!  But gorgeous blue skies today… P1130174P1130138

These little gals showed up in the back yard, all fluffed-up, sunning themselves.


I love how colorful these wild turkey hens look in full sun.

P1130188 P1130192 P1130194

Complete with a beautiful sunset…



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Earlier this year I shared this post about Mrs. Turkey and her hatchlings.  Well last week they decided to show up again, half-grown…


and with two other mamas with their babies!


It’s quite the flock they have!


Most people are familiar with the term “flock of pigeons” and even “gaggle of geese,” but did you know that a group of turkeys is called a “rafter”? More info here…



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Little Turkey

Something caught my eye at the dinner table the other evening, I couldn’t quite tell what it was until I was able to get a clear look…


This little wild  turkey hen was roosting for the evening in the snag in back of  the house…IMG_1742 IMG_1745

She’s all nestled in for the night…IMG_1749

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Little Turkeys…

Yesterday I filled the bird feeders.  Jusssst in time too!



Yep, turkeys in the feeder!  And Frank just sat there and watched them of course because they are not sheep.


While some ate out of the feeders others decided to eat some of the wild amaranth that had been growing in the garden.

What did Dugur think?

Well when Bellah decided that she didn’t think they needed to be hanging around  any longer, she herded them away towards the sheep pasture…

Dugur didn’t think they belonged out there either!



Goofy things. 🙂