Sky Shots, April 6-11

The clouds almost looked like they were on fire the other night…IMG_3845

A little alpine-glow on the mountains…IMG_3850

Fire cloud above the farm…IMG_3851

A star trail with northern lights above the farm…IMG_3924-Edit-2

Sunset by Flathead River…IMG_3799 IMG_3823 IMG_3815 IMG_3810

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Weekly Top Shot #173

Gorgeous Winter Sunset…

My husband and I went for a walk the other night, the drive-way had de-iced and there was very little mud.  We walked a couple of miles and headed home and we were rewarded with this wonderful sunset…IMG_0591

Just starting to get some good color…
IMG_0598-Edit IMG_0601 IMG_0604

Really ramping up…IMG_0606 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0613 IMG_0616 IMG_0621

Starting to ebb…

IMG_0624 IMG_0628

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