Emmalynn is now almost 15 months old!  She is busy walking and trying to keep up with the other kids.  She has the most wonderful smile when she chooses to share it otherwise most people get her blinking-close my eyes look, pretending she’s not there.  Here are some of those rare smiles that most people don’t get to see…





Big grin!


Serious girls...


Not too much of a similarity eh?

*20 Weeks*


20 weeks



Emmalynn had her four month check up this week.  She is such a chub…upto 15 pounds already!  She checked out healthy and is now a bit cranky from her vaccines.  She is such a blessing though!

~4 months~

And yet another month passes! lol!!



Em and Maddie




She is growing sooo much and she is still such a sweety!  She is starting to tell stories and loves to babble.  She always has her thumb, fingers, fist or ~tries~ to fit both fists (lol)  in her mouth! She also thinks Teigen is most funniest person around and is always laughing at his antics.

Day at the Lake…

Finally we have hot weather in NW Montana, so we decided to head to the lake for a  picnic and a cool dip.
I made these yummy pizza rolls to take with, a nice break from sandwiches! 

Zayne and his bucket.

Em helping me watch kids.

The girls holding hands...

Some of the boys playing...

Biggest brother helping littlest brother...


Me and Emmy.

I have to admit  I was a bit stressed about being alone with the crew around water but Sawyer, Tori, and Maddie all took turns helping me watch the little ones.  We ended up having a wonderful time and got to cool off a bit.   

Poor Tori though she ended up having a hitch-hiker attack to her leg.  I’m pretty sure the people cleeeaaar across the lake could hear her scream!  Luckily it was just a little one …  

Tori's little "friend" Leechy!

 Other than that small drama we all survived and even stopped in for fudge-cicles on the way home.