Ready for Spring…

I am so ready for Spring to arrive.


While we still have a lot of mud and muck…


Yellow and dead grasses and plants…P3210985 P3210971 P3210974

Yet, Spring is silently bursting forth all over the farm…P3210941

The Aspen trees are budding…



There is life in the strawberry patches…



Buds bursting out…




Tulips popping up…


Onions awakening…


 Robins venturing forth…


Even lambs on the ground…


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Thursday Favorite Things

Was he wrong?

I believe there has been some sort of a mistake.  ‘Phil’ just can’t be right.  You see this brown furry rodent has already given his highly scientific prediction as to when spring will arrive.  I am sure you all were as dismayed at the thought of having to endure another 6 grueling weeks of winter as I was.  But, we are here to reassure you that spring will be here before you know it… as a matter of fact we caught our first glimpse of it today!  Just take a look at what Mark spotted when he came home from work….

Hello spring....

Hello spring....


It looks as if he is sort of hiding and as you can see it has been a wet soggy day here, but it was made so much more enjoyable by seeing Mr. Robin Red Breast here!  Hopefully spring is not too far behind him.

We’ve seen some other neat birds around the feeder lately too…

Grosbeak on a frosty tree...

Grosbeak on a frosty tree...

Yesterday it was another foggy day that left everything nicely frosted.

Mr. and Mrs. Red Crossbill

Mr. and Mrs. Red Crossbill

I love their vivid colors, really is quite cheerful to see in the drabness of winter.

A Mountain Chick-Chick-Chikadee

A Mountain Chick-Chick-Chikadee

These are one of my favorites…I think these guys have a bird variety of ADHD!  They are just so busy all the time twittering here and there.

A Pileated Woodpecker

A Pileated Woodpecker

This guy was here just long enough to take this picture and then was gone again.

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