Life on a Stump…

Even though the stump itself is lifeless, life flourishes…IMG_0421IMG_0424

Fairy cups…

IMG_0428 IMG_0440

A spider’s web encased in dew…IMG_0444

Blue lichen…

IMG_0450 IMG_0455-Edit

Left-over leaves from last fall and another spider’s web…IMG_0464

Catkin’s from a bush growing out of the stump…IMG_0469

Even a new little seedling…IMG_0461

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Today’s Flowers

Shine the Divine




We are back after a 15 day vacation.  My husband had a business meeting in Seattle so we (the whole family plus Grammy ~ 10 people in all) spent a couple of days hanging around there and then we crossed on the ferry and started our Highway 101 adventure!  We toured through parts of Olympic National Park and then followed the coast down to San Francisco and then cut across California, Nevada and Idaho to make it back to Bozeman, MT just in time for my husband to have another business meeting then headed home.  This is one of the thousands of pictures I took on our little trip and was taken in Olympic National Park….



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