Friday Farm Daze…

Chore time…

A little this and that from the farm this week…


Ole Red…

Vaka, doing her job protecting the cows.

A few of the ewes hanging out chewing their cud.

Mark moving a bunch of icky bottom bales so they will compost down.

Some of our meat lambs, wondering whats going on…

We had scary vampires too!

The rooster crowing…


One of our Icelandic roosters.

Copper Maran hen…

Headed back to the coop…

Waiting patiently….

Racing round and round…

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The fog rolled in…

How appropriate on  Halloween morning!

Jordan and baby Hope in the fog.

Thor, our Akbash guardian.

The foggy flock…

Lambs and llamas…

Dugur being watchful…


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Brrrr! Where’s fall?

A snowy Kletta.

We awoke to more snow this morning.  Definitely feeling more and more like winter.  Brrrr!!

A Gunnar dog…

Icies with llamas.

This hen has the right idea to stay toasty during cold winter mornings.

Going for a little ride.

Thor, keeping all the little sheepies and chickens safe.

Brrrrr…. Where’s fall?

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Dog love…

Hayden decided to make sure the two big dogs had their daily dose of loves…

Hayden with Thor, I think he was about to fall over from all the love pats.

Feels so good!

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How about Dugur?

Dugur gets some loves too.

Keep scratchin

What do you suppose he's telling Dugur?

Good thing Hayden has two hands.

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Wacky Weather…

At this morning’s ewe check the weather was wonderful.  Sunshine and warm…

Soaking up the sun.

Baby Hope, getting bigger.

Hens at the trough. (A Red Star in the back and an Americauna in the front)

More sun soaking...

Thor soaking up the sun too!

Dugur too!

Popular place!

Then from out of no where we start getting wind and…


Iris running through the flurries...

The llamas


Iris again...

Later that evening…

Australorp Rooster strutting in the sun...

Sully saying hello...

Beautiful Iris...

Wacky weather is for certain.  Hopefully it warms up a bit before lambing.  : )

Here’s a couple of silly pictures from today…

Grizzle with tail feathers...

Ewe-oga...that doesn't even look comfy.

Hopefully your day is going well!

Hanging out with ewe…


We are about a week out from seeing our first lambs arrive.  Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I am feeling.  I think this season is one of my favorites, ranking up there with all major holidays.  😉

Very large Audrad, pregnant with AI babies. Sire is Raftur from Iceland!

This fall we imported semen from Iceland to inseminate some of the ewes with.  I am not sure how successful we were but we definitely had a couple catch, which is very exciting!

Esja checking out the hen.

It was quite funny watching Esja interact with this hen.  She would let the hen pick little pieces of hay off of her and wag her tail the whole time.  🙂

Red heads!

Dugur made sure everyone was behaving themselves and would come and check things out every couple of minutes…

Dugur watching...

I love the pattern of the Silver Laced Wyandotte!  So dainty looking.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Lukka is another ewe in the AI group.  We are hoping she caught with a Grabotni straw.

Lukka, is she carrying Grabotni babies?

Hen nesting in one of the ewe sheds...

Dyr, the ewe matriarch decided to stick her head in and see what I was up to.

Dyr, the matriarch.

Getting a drink.

Uma is another ewe that looks like she caught with AI.  Yeah!

Dyr (in front) and Uma.

Pretty Sybil was taking a bit of a rest…

Sybil, resting.

Druna is expecting her first lamb this spring.

A one winter ewe, Druna.

Esja, is another hopeful…in the AI category.  She looks as if she could be carrying Bogi babies!

A bit of a belly on Esja.

The rain started up so these two took shelter and I took that as my cue to head back to the house!

Hiding out~ Drifa and Alita.

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Nap Time

Imagine my surprise when I looked out my window and saw these two….

Iris and Dugur dog...

Yep, the dog and the horse taking a bit of a snooze in the afternoon sun!

It’s kind of funny how these two will pal around all day.

Iris will follow Dugur around and nuzzle him.

Iris, taking a break!

It is the first time I have seen Iris laying on the ground since we’ve had her.  I was a bit concerned thinking that she might be injured, but she was just fine and enjoying a the feel of the afternoon sun on her back.

Dugur, snoozing.

Crazy critters!

Soaking up the sun. 🙂

It was about a year ago that Dugur took a nap with the geese.  You can read about it here.  It is rather cute, how the geese just thought he was a wonderful spot to rest.

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Wordless Wednesday

Vaka~Great Pyrenees and LGD

Vaka is about a 15 months old and seems to be catching on to guarding business.


She is still a pup and still learning what is expected of her.  Sometimes she forgets and decides to play a little too rough with the sheep she is supposed to be protecting.  For the most part though she is a sweet and good-natured dog.

Vaka to the rescue....

Today though something caught her attention that she thought she should protect the heifers from.


Not only Vaka’s attention, but it had the  flocks attention as well.

The heifer too.

You see we have a little flock of wild turkeys that hang out for the winter.  This evening they were strutting their stuff and Vaka didn’t care for it at all!


Move these girls

She was pretty neat to watch; she ran toward the heifers…

Turn around...

and jumped up on their sides while barking and end up turning them around…

Moved 'em!

and was able to put herself between the heifers and the “threat” to her girls.

Good girl, Vaka!

Wild turkeys in the bird feeder.

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