Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to one who I love the most and feel so blessed that you are my own.

German Chocolate Cake

Tori made the wonderful cake, Maddie helped me make the frosting, the middle boys arranged the candles in an artful “37” and lit them (notice the meltage?!) and the lil’s helped blow out the candles.

Quite the crazy crew...

The cousins are over, so there is lots of wrestling going on (that’s why Hayden has his shirt off), Emmy was apparently someone’s paper, Zayne has his shirt on backwards, Maddie is being a bit dramatic, Teigen is being…well Teigen 🙂  Pretty normal; yep, pretty normal.

The cake

Once the melted wax was scraped off, the cake was delicious!!  It is a favorite here at our house.  Everything is made from scratch, even the caramel for the frosting!  Oh yum.

Happy Birthday my love!  LYFE.

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