Kitchen Garden

I mentioned earlier about our new kitchen garden.  It is a definite work in progress…



What was once a hugely over-grown juniper…    :0s

It's humble beginnings...

became a great tractor therapy day for Mark.  🙂

Ripping out the ugly, over-grown juniper.

Mark taking a bit of his pent up frustrations out on the bush! ;0)


The kids finding treasures that the bush "ate".

With out the juniper...

It was so nice having the big bush removed.  We could see down the drive way, we could see out to pastures, out to the garden, and the fox could no longer hide in it and ambush the chickens!  Now what do we do with this spot though?

Lettuce and tomatoes

Onions, kinky carrots, eggplant, peppers, and more maters...



Swiss Chard





African Daisies

"Mammoth" sunflower


More Swiss Chard...

More poppies

"Lemon Drop" sunflower with a honeybee!

I can’t wait to get my fingers dirty again this spring!  The best thing about this kitchen garden is that I can see it from the kitchen sink, while we are making dinner.  It is so easy to have one of the kids go out and cut some lettuce, pick a few tomatoes, various herbs, etc for a salad.  The best yet is that the kids even enjoyed it.  They helped plant it, water it, harvest and prepare the goodies!  Nothin’ better.

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Kinky Carrots and Kids in the Garden

Planting peas...

This past summer seemed to take on a life of it’s own without much of  it marked in my journal here.  With the weather warming up (or maybe because we really haven’t had winter) my thoughts are turning to what we should put in the garden.  I ran across these pictures and decided I should post about these and hopefully satisfy that urge to work up the compost pile and start digging through the seeds.


All lined up...

The little boys play...

Don'tcha love the straight rows? ;0)

The green of spring...

Zayne giving them a drink...

What I loved the most is that the kids actually thought it was really fun!  We continued planting all sorts of things that day.

Some of the squash harvest...

Last but not least we cultivated a new kitchen garden and planted it full of herbs, perennials, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, onions, and carrots…

Kinky Carrots

The ground is very rocky so most of the carrots were pulled up in funky shapes…much to the kids delight!

I’ll try to keep my excitement down, after-all we have another 4 months before we can actually start working the garden.  :0)

I am linking this to Alphabe-Thursday.  I have missed about half the alphabet but think this will be fun.  This week’s letter is “K”.