My dad gifted me with some hollyhock starts last year.  They survived the winter quite well and are now showing off in the garden…


They are a beautiful black color!

IMG_9578 IMG_9579

When the setting sun shines on them in the evening, they are just ….wow!

IMG_9566 IMG_9561 IMG_9580 PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2

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Macro Monday

Today’s Flowers

Little Homestead on the Hill

Fuzzy Flowers…


While in Waterton, Alberta, Canada this past weekend we spotted several of these “fuzzy” wildflowers.  The bees seemed to love them!  I can’t seem to find what they are though, so if you happen to know give me leave me a comment!  😉  Please!!



IMG_9221 IMG_9225

The wildflowers were at there peak.    It left us breathless viewing the open prairie or hillsides full of these different beauties and then the mountains jutting up behind them.


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Macro Monday

Today’s Flowers

Picking Poppies

I would love to show you pictures of our garden this year, except for the fact that it is non-existent.  Between the rain and more rain, and the fact that our rototiller died, compounded with no spare time this spring ~ it just didn’t happen.

However in and among the weeds there are quite a few poppies that have self-seeded themselves and Emma just loves the pretties!

Maybe I can learn from her and find the “pretties” in and among the weeds.

Plus it is kind of nice to not have that job this summer, even if I do miss it.