Saturday night we received a bit of rain and awoke to smoke-free skies.  Sunday afternoon we took a drive to through Glacier Park.


Watching the storm clouds roll-in on Avalanche Creek…


Clouds rolling across the valley on Going-to-the-Sun Road…


IMG_4939 IMG_4942 IMG_4952 IMG_4955 IMG_5037IMG_4970

Soot from the Reynolds Creek Fire, running off in the rain onto some red rocks..


A quick rainbow over St. Mary’s Lake…IMG_5000

A black bear crossing the road in Many Glacier in the rain…


We ended up enjoying our day in the rain. Normally, we would have been a bit bummed to spend the day in the rain but with the wildland fires and evacuations going on, smokey suffocating skies and how badly we need the rain this year, it really was a great day.  Kind of funny how a different perspective on things can change an attitude.  Skies have been without smoke all week, even though we still have the majority of the fires burning and we are suppose to be getting more rain, maybe even some snow in higher elevations throughout the weekend.  🙂


Smokey Skies…

With fires surrounding us in NW Montana our days and nights are filled with smoke.  Smoke so thick you can’t see the mountains, hills or even neighbors houses at times.  The kids have been cooped up inside because of air quality alerts because of the smoke like the following…

  • Air Quality Alert

    Air Quality Alert in effect until Sunday, 12:00 PM MDT. Source: U.S. National Weather Service

The Montana Department of Environmental Quality has issued an Air
Quality Alert for Deer Lodge, Granite, Flathead, Lake, Lincoln,
Powell, Mineral, Missoula, Ravalli, Sanders, and Silver Bow in

An Air Quality Alert means that particulates have been trending
upwards and that an exceedance of the 24 hour National Ambient Air
Quality Standard (NAAQS) has occurred or may occur in the near

Particulate levels from local and regional wildfires are Unhealthy
to Very Unhealthy across all of western Montana.

When air quality levels are Very Unhealthy… the Montana
Department of Health and Human Services recommends that people
with respiratory or heart disease, the elderly and children should
avoid any outdoor activity. Everyone else should avoid prolonged

When air quality levels are Unhealthy… the Montana Department of
Health and Human Services recommends that people with respiratory or
heart disease, the elderly and children should avoid prolonged
exertion. Everyone else should limit prolonged exertion.

For more information… visit the Montana Department of Environmental
Quality at http://www.todaysair.mt.gov.

We all have soar throats, coughs, sneezing, headaches, etc from the smoke.  It’s been quite depressing and even claustrophobic in being in this blanket of smoke.  While we are not directly in the paths of fire ourselves, there have been several mandatory evacuations in some the towns in NW Montana due to the wildfires getting close to homes and towns.

I have always tried to find the beauty in each day and lately it seems to be hard to find as everything is dried up, dead and smoke filled… but it’s still there if you look for it…

Red sun…

IMG_4510 IMG_4506 IMG_4499 IMG_4491 IMG_4487

Red Moon…


Pray for rain and the safety of our wildland firefighters (my brother is one!)

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Fiery Skies…

More brilliant sunsets here..hopefully your not too tired of them.   Must be because of the fires??  Please keep my brother in your prayers~for his safetey as he fights fire in California.









Dark sunset...

Dark sunset...








Hope you all have an enjoyable holiday weekend!

Happy :0) Birthday Beau…

I’d like to take a moment and wish a happy belated birthday to my little brother, Beau.  He is a Hot Shot on the Hungry Horse Fire Crew and out fighting wild land fires now, carefully I’d like to think anyway!   ;0)  I’m hoping this year is better than last year for Beau…

Newpaper article from last year...

Newpaper article from last year...


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