Father’s Day

We had a busy Father’s Day spending the morning in Fellowship and listening to a wonderful sermon followed by a very quick lunch, packing, getting Grammy and heading to the airport.  It was there I realized I hadn’t yet taken a Father’s Day picture…

Father's Day

We then said our good-byes to Sawyer and Grammy as they headed off to San Antonio (where Sawyer is competing in a national 4-H Air Pistol tournament)…

Sawyer and Grammy ~ Sawyer anxious for his first plane ride 🙂

We thought it might be funny to get in line with all 8 kids, a couple crying, fighting and what ever else kids do~ just to see the reactions of everyone else  headed out on the same plane.   lol

Most of our kids at the airport.

We then headed home and had a nice supper (and wonderful dessert~Thanks Abigail!)  with Papa Ed, and Uncle Jason and Aunt Abigail.  Yowzer!  Mark was able to sneak in a 20 minute nap while rocking Emma though 😉

Even though it was so hectic I hope the father of my children had a wonderful day.  I can’t believe that before the foundations of the very Earth that God would have thought to put our crazy lives together and give us so many wonderful, beautiful children.  Happy Father’s Day. ❤ LYFE