~Beautiful Esja~

I always hate days like today.  It is the worst part of being a shepherdess.  My beautiful red-headed ewe, Esja had to be put down.


Esja was one of our foundation ewes.  She was a heavy milker, consistently produced twins that were quick-growing.

An udder shot, shortly after Esja gave birth.

Beautiful moorit fleece…

Her moorit fleece was always one of my favorites, she always captured everyone’s attention.  Instead of being  just brown, it took on an almost red sheen.

Last year Esja was Artificially Inseminated with ram semen we imported from Iceland.  She gave us a handsome, stout ram lamb, Ever.

Esja and Ever.

She had slowly been losing teeth and had a couple of long teeth that made it difficult for her to eat, despite the vet floating them several times and being on a special diet to help her try to maintain her weight.  She will be missed as she was a wonderful mother and very friendly, good-tempered ewe. She would come up to look for treats, she even stole an Oreo from Hayden one time. 🙂 She left us with her handsome Bogi son, Ever, who carries moorit, hopeful the same beautiful shade she was.


Her funny sheep antics will be missed.

~Rest peacefully~

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