X-tra Special…

Well it finally happened.  After 6 years of shepherding we have our first bottle baby.  Right now no one seems to mind and have affectionately called the little ewe lamb, Snoopy.

IMG_1874 IMG_1875

This was an extra special feeding since the kids were able to share it with their cousin!  IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885

We are hoping to be able to graft little Snoopy onto the next ewe that has a single.

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Doing the rounds…


Emma has loved being my little helper!  She makes sure all the lambies get their daily dose of loving!

P4271439 P4271440 P4271441 P4271443


Even Thor gets to enjoy her loving…P4271445

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Friday Farm Daze…

Another very busy week here…


Eggs in a lambing jug…


A very cute Fleur…


Handsome Draumer…


Keeping a watchful eye…


Birch and Sam…




Very close, I hope, to lambing…


Part Border Collie, part lamb…little Charlie loves to chase the chickens.


Proud Mama, Drifa!


Drifa with her ram lamb Finn, and ewe lamb Fern.

Finn, was the first to arrive and had a perfect delivery.  Little Fern was the last to make her appearance. Her front feet were coming out but no head. She had it way off to the side and twisted back. At 2 am I was convinced this was a headless lamb… I was about to give up fishing for it when it last I caught hold of it. It took several more minutes trying to align it correctly and finally pull her out. She span right to life and got busy looking for something to eat!

Drifa is such a good mamma. She was holding perfectly still while letting little Finn nurse and was licking little Fern off right after she was born. Fern, while trying to figure out her legs kept going backwards and Drifa would stretch her neck a little further and keep cleaning and holding perfectly still!



The chicken stomper, Miss Freckles! Poor henny was just trying to find a spot to lay eggs, she decided that next Freckles baby was not the spot!


Eking closer!


Mr Flint…


Adorable Miss Freya…


A happy Thor dog…






The boys delivering eggs…




The sun came out for a brief moment.


Mother and last year’s daughter…



The miracle of birth (Do you see the tiny hooves making their appearance?)


Echo and Ewecalyptus; twin, moorit, grey, horned, one winter ewe lambs, decided they could both eat out of the same spot in the feeder….




It’s not unusual to have a couple mashed together in one spot and all appeared well so I continued with morning chores.  About 45 minutes later ended up running back up to the barn with boys to help them feed the ewes and lambs in jugs.  I noticed these two still in the same spot…yep stuck!   Thankfully they didn’t seem to upset about the whole thing.  Sawyer had to help me unlatch the panels and play untangle the sheep for a few minutes.    Once freed they took off bucking and kicking, excited to be loose.

We’ve been using these round bale feeders for a couple of months and seem to work great, especially for polled sheep and have only had a few minor altercations with the horned ewes.  They keep the sheep off the bale so they aren’t  pooing and peeing on top of the hay.  The feeders extend the life of the bale (for us) from 3 days to 5 without any loss in body condition in the ewes.  They really do help from wasting hay.  We ended up with lots of round bales this year so trying to figure out how to use them efficiently and safely has been quite the challenge.  We only have two of these feeders which are in the ewes pen.    We put a round bale in with the rams and they ate a whole through the bale which then collapsed on top of them killing one.  Urgh!   So now we put the bale on the ground and take the wrap off if it and then push it over on its side.  So far so good.  What a juggling act trying to find that balance.

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The Chicken Chick

Bike Riding…

After several months of sitting in the garage, the kids were able to pull their bikes out and give them a spin the other day.  The ice has for the most part all melted and the road is fairly firm so they have spent quite a bit of time and energy peddling all around.




Hanging out with Garrett on his bike.



Zayne going fast on his scooter.



Teigen getting going…


We have been enjoying this spring weather so much.  Just in time too, I think we were all getting a bit of cabin fever.  And with 4 little boys in the house, it’s nice to send them out to get rid of that excess energy on bike riding instead of each other!

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Weekend Favorites…


Emma coming in from her first sled ride of the year…


The storm moving on and BLUE sky…

We have so very little blue sky in the winter, that when it does pop through…we just have to go out and soak it up.


Big brother Garrett, carrying little Emma to the house…


A hen in the crab apple tree…

Iris laugh

Iris laughing…


A snowy Kletta. An Icelandic Sheepdog.


More blue sky. I just love how the clouds part right above the driveway.


Thor, moving out…

Thor gunnar

Saying “Hi!”

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