The Boys and Their Lambs…

It’s always a busy time of the year when the kids pick out their fair lambs in April.  The next 4 1/2 months are busy spent training, walking, washing, shearing, their lambs.  This year they went to a 3 day camp in Bozeman to learn more about showmanship, lamb care, shearing with a jackpot on the last day.    IMG_9114 IMG_8894 IMG_8846 IMG_8834 IMG_8828 IMG_8824 IMG_8816-2 IMG_8743 IMG_3727

Kids walking their lambs…IMG_3676

Garrett shearing his own lamb…IMG_3655

Garrett helping some kids with showmanship…IMG_3732

Getting ready for fair…IMG_3731 IMG_3728


Thank goodness for grandmas who will stop and feed the starving kids on her way home from work.  The first couple days of fair are extremely busy and we generally eat really late but grammy had pity on us and fed us.IMG_3736

Practicing with his lamb…IMG_3735

Then show day!

Waiting for his turn to show…IMG_3808

This year at fair they worked very hard and Garrett and Hayden ended up being in the final round for showmanshipIMG_3805 IMG_3790

Even, Teigen did very well in showmanship for his first year.IMG_3785 IMG_3782 IMG_3780 IMG_3777 IMG_3771

Waiting for the “market” portion of fair.IMG_3767 IMG_3764 IMG_3746 IMG_3742 IMG_3739

IMG_3829 IMG_3824

Hayden even won a purple ribbon in market placing in the top 8 out of 60 lambs for market.  🙂IMG_3820 IMG_3771 IMG_3764 IMG_3750 IMG_3741

Then comes the last day of fair, the last day of the project.  They have sold their lambs to local businesses and they have to load their lambs up on the trailer that is headed to the processor.  There are generally lots of tears and sadness but the kids understand where their food comes from and have a deeper appreciation because of it.  Something that is lacking in todays culture..



A Little Evening Walk with the Sheep…

Victoria and Madeline walking their 4-H fair lambs every evening…


IMG_1920 IMG_1925

Most of the time they have a little shadow…

IMG_1927-Edit IMG_1935 IMG_1936

Up and down the big hill, it helps exercise the lambs and builds their muscles…it helps exercise the girls too!  ;0)

IMG_1941 IMG_1953

Then they practice setting them up…

IMG_1967 IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1973

And getting them to brace…IMG_1974

Hard to believe we have fair lambs already.   I don’t even want to think forward to fair which means fall is just right around the corner but I’m sure it will be here sooner than I am ready for it…

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Mutton Bustin’…


Teigen had an awesome rodeo experience  this past Thursday!  He was chosen to see how long he could ride on a sheep!

Here he is before, checking out the sheep…




The sheep making their way up to the chutes…BeFunky_IMG_2950.jpg

Getting his helmet and vest on…


Him and his daddy laughing about something…




Teigen and his lucky sheep…


He’s off…well not really, just out of the chute…


BeFunky_P8150853.jpg BeFunky_P8150854.jpg BeFunky_P8150855.jpg

13.6 seconds!


Giving the rodeo clown a high-five!



All smiles as he runs to dad!

He ended up placing 2nd that night out of 11 kids!BeFunky_IMG_2943.jpg BeFunky_photo (26).jpg BeFunky_1010549_196764840492504_713570742_n.jpg

Showing off his new buckle and bandanna!!

Good riding buddy!

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The Chicken Chick

Fair winnings…



Our little Braaten bunch did pretty good at the fair yesterday….







Tori received Reserve Champion Showman in the Senior division and placed 4th out of about 35 lambs and received a purple top 10 ribbon in the market class!




Garrett also received Reserve Champion Showman in the Junior division and placed 5th in Market and received a purple ribbon.





Maddie placed 4th in the Junior division for Showmanship and her lamb placed 10th in Market getting her a purple ribbon!




Hayden received Grand Champion Showman in the Junior Novice division which had two huge classes of lambs!  He did sooo well his first year showing.  His lamb was one short for making the cut to final round in market.


Teigen even showed in the Peewee division where all the participants wins a ribbon!



Our fiber and breedstock projects did an excellent job as well!  Dodge ram won overall Grand champion in the breedstock division and Blossom’s ewe lamb won Reserve Champion.  Our lambs received the majority of the rest of the ribbons too!  Edge ram won Overall Grand  Champion over all other fiber animals and in his own division.  Feebee won Grand Champion in the ewe division for fiber and we received the majority of the rest of the ribbons awarded!


Wonderful Day!!

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Some Good Clean Fun…

Don’t even ask if your not from the country, you wouldn’t understand!

Tori's team lining up...
Tori’s team lining up…


The object of this match...
The object of this match…

There were at least a dozen teams participating in today’s hog wrestling competition.  Four team members are timed on how fast they can catch the slippery little pig covered in wet bentonite and place him butt first into the barrel in the middle of the ring.  It was way too fun watching all these guys slip and slide throughthe mud to try to catch the pig!

chasing him...


Caught him...


team work...


Into the barrel...

hands up...


Tori's Team
Tori’s Team

Tori’s team put the pig into the barrel in about 11 seconds!

Getting hosed off...
Getting hosed off…


Cold water...
Cold water…


These poor kids had to keep scrubbing and scrubbing to get all the bentonite off their clothes, faces and arms.  It so incredibly sticky(and slick)!  Some of the kids were completely covered in it from head to foot and literally looked like they had been slimed!


Sawyer's team, can you read their name?
Sawyer’s team, can you read their name?




Trying to get ahold of the pig...


Don't let go!


Into the barrel...



 Sawyer’s team completed in just over 15 seconds.  Do you suppose Sawyer will EVER live down that Tori beat him?  Not only did Tori’s team beat Sawyer’s but they won the entire Junior Class! 

The 4-H group also held their annual awards ceremony and for fiber Sawyer and Tori won two separate trophies.

One for most imformative poster...
One for most informative poster…


And another for cleanest pen...
And another for cleanest pen…
And look who we seen in the parade riding around in a real cool car…
Too cool!
A closer look

A closer look