Spring Time Treasures in the Fall…


Thursday, we continued right along with winter-like weather pattern (and have actually all weekend!)….

P1080501 P1080504 P1080535 P1080502

It was just another typical day on the farm… even if  Darla was hanging out on the top van!  Actually, she was trying to get away from one of the dogs trying to herd her back to the chicken coop.

P1080552 P1080555



It continued to snow all day and around 4, I sent Hayden out to take the garbage out to the dumpster.  He started out across the yard and then dropped the garbage sack and started to run way out in the yard.  He came running back in to the house with something in his hands…



 A nearly half-frozen baby chick!  Well, that got the household into a frenzy of kids trying to  find coats, gloves and hats and hustling out the door to see if they could find more…


P1080575 P1080574

After scouring the yard and pastures they found two more half-froze babies!  We thought for sure one was going to pass on.  Tori took some warm water and started to syringe feed a bit of that to the baby while holding it next to the wood stove.  Amazingly, it came around and has been a happy camper all weekend!  We never did find a hidden nest anywhere but the kids found a the naughty Red Star that decided to go broody in the middle of October with the other two chicks.  Seriously?!  Doesn’t she know we live in MT and it gets cold in November!  For now everyone is locked up in the fruit room, cozy and warm.P1080571

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Harrowing away…

I am not sure who was happier to see the harrow going…my husband with a little tractor therapy…

Mark, working the pasture and moving the "solids" around.

or the chickens.  🙂

Chickens digging through...

Every time I looked up and seen my husband, he was grinning ear to ear.  Yup, good therapy.

Going round and round...

Everyone was happy and content.

Audna checking out what the chickens were up to.

With spring around the corner and the pasture coming back to life, it really needed the little piles of hay and dropping spread out.  The sheep are fairly good about getting the fertilizer spread out evenly but the llamas and horse have their own little areas that build up and eventually kill the grass.

Happy rooster...

Harrowing needs to be done fairly routinely here and after 5  months of freezing weather it really needed to be done this spring.


Happy harrowers. 🙂

A lovely end to the day.

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