Our barn cat Zesty…IMG_0058

And some larger cats that we seen at the San Francisco Zoo…IMG_3281 IMG_3332 IMG_3352 IMG_3356 IMG_3357

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Oh my, look what the kids caught in the live-trap last week!  We spotted him while out and about doing chores one morning, he looked pretty scrawny and unloved.  After several unsuccessful attempts at trying to catch him, the kids decided to try the live-trap and some tuna.  The girls ended staying up late that night watching a movie, so before heading to bed Tori checked the trap with a flash light and saw some eyes reflecting back at her.  She was a little nervous at first, thinking that maybe they trapped a skunk or a raccoon but once she was close enough to get a good look she scooped up the trap and ran back inside!  Both girls squealed with delight at the little orange fuzz ball while trying to think up different names for the little guy.  They fed him a bit of softened cat food and snuggled in for the night with the kitten taking turns sleeping on their beds.


BeFunky_IMG_3717.jpg BeFunky_IMG_3718.jpg IMG_3677 photo (31) photo (33) photo (34) IMG_3682


After checking with all the neighbors, we have a new little kitten!  They decided on Zest for a name and he’s lived up to it pretty well.  He’s still a bit shy at times, but hasn’t scratched or bit anyone despite being loved on a LOT!  A kitten was definitely not on the list of animals to acquire this year and if Leroy (the other cat) had his way this kid would be out the door!  But what’s a mother to do? 😉

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