Ice fishing…


Tis that time of year…

P1230675 P1230677 P1230678


Only one fish caught, but the boys had lots of bites and a wonderfully fun time spent with their older brother. ¬†ūüėÄ

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A Day with Big Brother…

A couple of weeks ago the boys spent the day doing what they love best! With their big brother!!  What else could the boys ask for?


Garrett and his catch! He caught 8 fish in all!


Nice sunfish, Teigen!


Zayne is pretty proud!  He caught 5 fish that day!


Two at once!


Another double catch!  Hayden caught 5 fish!



The line-up! ¬†These fish don’t stand a chance.P1230179

Teigen caught 10 fish that day!  Happy boy!


Sawyer, big brother himself, caught three fish in between taking fish off the hook and fixing tangles.P1230183

Thanks Sawyer for the incredibly fun day catching lots of fish!  Lots of memories made.

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Snow and kids!

We’ve had our first official measurable snowfall for this season. ¬†We¬†received¬†about 4 inches Tuesday night and bit more on Wednesday. ¬†It seems like fall was ¬†splendid but it never stays around long enough. ¬†The boys took full advantage of a snow covered hill and wore the snow right off it…

Part of the boys coming down the hill. Zayne is all grins!

Whoa, a bit of turning. Zayne’s still smiling though!

Big CRASH!! Not sure that he is still smiling!

Face-plant and kind of cold.

Teigen’s turn.


CRASH!! Yep that’s just his head, the rest of him is buried under the snow.

Hayden,doing a bit of standing on his sled.


And of course, Kletta has to chase them down the hill…

We celebrated the day and enjoyed hot cocoa, hot apple cider and had warm, home-made rolls with cream of potato soup for supper. ¬†It doesn’t get much better than this!

Little Boys…

Been super busy lately! ¬†We are almost finished with lambing and only have nine ewes left. ¬†I will have to update my blog soon with all that’s been going on. ¬†Here’s a few pictures of my little rambunctious boys.

Tiegen looking down from the roof of the chicken house.



Practicing his form…

Good job!

Teigen’s shot…


See that, mom?


Going for a ride!

Faster, Faster, FASTER!!

Gonna rope ya!

Mens Work?

The guys have been hard at work hauling hay all weekend.¬† Last night was the last load until¬† next cutting.¬† Since they arrived home so late and still hadn’t eaten supper they decided that Sawyer would just unload the hay this morning.¬† Coming back from my walk I seen this…

The hay…

As I got closer…


Little boys helping do the heavy work…


Watch out below…


Little boys *BIG* muscles!


Bucking bales...



Team work!

Day at the Lake…

Finally we have hot weather in NW Montana, so we decided to head to the lake for a  picnic and a cool dip.
I made these yummy pizza rolls to take with, a nice break from sandwiches! 

Zayne and his bucket.

Em helping me watch kids.

The girls holding hands...

Some of the boys playing...

Biggest brother helping littlest brother...


Me and Emmy.

I have to admit  I was a bit stressed about being alone with the crew around water but Sawyer, Tori, and Maddie all took turns helping me watch the little ones.  We ended up having a wonderful time and got to cool off a bit.   

Poor Tori though she ended up having a hitch-hiker attack to her leg.¬† I’m pretty sure the people cleeeaaar across the lake could hear her scream!¬† Luckily it was just a little one …¬†¬†

Tori's little "friend" Leechy!

 Other than that small drama we all survived and even stopped in for fudge-cicles on the way home.

Little Boys…

My little boys are too funny, they just constantly keep me in stitches when they’re not being naughty!¬†

Last night when it was time to do chores Teigen couldn’t find his sandals so he grabbed what was available…

Teigen in his stylin' boots...
Teigen in his stylin’ boots…
They’re his sister’s boots that she had got from G.G., complete with fringe and on the wrong feet! ¬†And of course he is wearing his older brother’s sweat shirt too!¬†
He was so cute!

He was so cute!

He would shuffle his little feet around because the boots were too heavy to lift off the ground. 
Then came along Hayden too…
Heading up to the barn...

Heading up to the barn...

What to do you suppose they're talking about?

What do you suppose they're talking about?



Hayden made sure to wait for his lil brother and kept holding his hand or putting his arm around his back guiding him the whole way up.  It was too precious!