18 years ago…

The sweetest baby girl stole my heart…


and now she has grown into a beautiful young woman that is a blessing to all around her.

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Happy Birthday, sweetie!

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20 years ago…

How can it be that 20 years ago today that we brought home this adorable little guy…

Sawyer 31 10

We were young (16 and 18) and scared to death…

Sawyer 23

Many, many people said we wouldn’t make it…Sawyer 29 5 Sawyer 29 8 Sawyer 31 20 Sawyer 31 17 Sawyer 28 1 IMG_2330 127-2737_IMG


(Reserve Champion market steer and Grand Champion Showmen)


(Shooting at Nationals for small bore pistol in 4H.)


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But, oh how love grows…


By the good grace of God.

Happy 20th birthday wishes to Sawyer!  We are so proud of the young man you are…

Hayden’s Happy Birthday

Hayden’s Happy Birthday @ Papa’s and Grammy’s House

Hayden is our little miracle boy.  He was born at 27 weeks after my water broke at 25 weeks.  He was a 2 lbs 6.9 oz  and 13 1/2 inches long!  To read his birth story go here.

Mark’s hand over Hayden

This is a quick clip of one of Hayden’s first baths in the hospital.  The nurse is the one doing the talking in the video.


Hayden turning 2!

This is a very cute clip of Hayden trying to blow out his candles!


Hayden’s life started off a bit scary but he has been a total blessing!  He is such a hard worker and loves his family and friends so much.  He loves school, his chickens and helping others out.

Happy 9th Birthday!

My Happy Birthday Boys…

For our family June gets to be busier with gift giving than December…or at least it feels like it!  We have 3 very special boys that have birthdays all exactly a week apart. Throw in my mom’s birthday, my folks’ anniversary and Father’s Day it gets to be a lot of celebrating…

Zayne and Teigen


Happy Birthday my boys!


It only seems like a short time ago that this little man decided to make his debut 13 weeks early, with his little fists clenched tightly he let out a cry and made his presence known.

Hayden hours old with Mark's hand on his back.

Hayden's little hand.

Through many ups and downs Hayden made his way.  By his first birthday it felt as if he had been a baby forever, it felt as if he would never make it to the next stage of life…


Hayden is 7!

…and now I wish he would slow down a bit.  I can’t believe he’s seven already!


~*~Happy Birthday Hayden~*~

We love your wonderful smile and your witty sense of humor!

Hope you have a fun filled day.

Winter Wonderland 2010…

Well a happy belated New Years to everyone!  It already seems like time is flying.  Over the Christmas holiday we were gifted with a “lovely” stomach virus, the kids seemed to be able to bounce back from it with in 6 hours where us adults took a couple days getting our footing back.  What’s up with that?   It took over a week for it to pass throughout our family, with me catching it last on the night before New Years Eve.  Yuck!

This week has already been a busy one for us with Maddie’s birthday on Sunday and my dad’s birthday on Monday.  Today we have a break and have been snowed under.  Tomorrow and Thursday the kids have 4-H and on Thursday we all get to go in for the big 20 week ultrasound.  The girls and most of the boys are crossing their fingers hoping that a little girl will be found.  (Teigen is too cute right now, he’ll come up and hug my already huge belly and say “I love you little baby.”  “Did you know there is a little baby in mommy’s tummy?”)  It’s hard to believe I’m already more than half way through this pregnancy!  Then on Friday we get to have a fun-filled night in Whitefish, staying at a hotel,  swimming and eating  pizza and cake.  :0)

Today we are enjoying the break and just keep looking at all the beautiful snow that has accumulated over the last couple of days….


Heavy snow on the trees...



Snow on bare branches...

Dugur and animals...

Up the crab apple tree...

Frozen crab apple...

View between the trees...

More later…

Happy 16th Birthday Sawyer!

BTW, this is Sawyer’s favorite song!  ;0)

It’s sorta funny how the addition of a baby can make two people’s lives merge together to become a family.

First Family Picture

First Family Picture


Sawyer's Icelandic Lamb


Too Cute!

Too Cute!


Where does the time go?

Where does the time go?


Lugging Hayden around...
Lugging Hayden around…

Sawyer has grown to be such a great young man, he is constantly helping out with farm chores to lugging kids around, he is even becoming quite the bbq’er!  The past 16 years have passed way too fast and we are so proud of our oldest…we hope you have a wonderful day and we love you very much!