Really Dog Tired…

Thor, our Akbash Livestock Guardian Dog was enjoying the spring weather today.  It is nearing 50 degrees here on the farm!

IMG_9043 IMG_9044


Always watching…

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King of His Hill…


Thor is an Akbash, livestock guardian that we rescued about 9 months ago.  When we first brought him home he was pretty neglected and shy of everyone.  He has settled quite nicely here, on the farm and does a fabulous job of guarding all the critters here, including the ducks and chickens.  He is pretty much a love bug now and loves to hang out on top of a small compost pile in his pen.  Guess he kind of has a vantage point from up there and can see all around…




To read more about Thor’s story click here to T is for Thor (Akbash Rescue).


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The Chicken Chick



You Capture

Brrrr! Where’s fall?

A snowy Kletta.

We awoke to more snow this morning.  Definitely feeling more and more like winter.  Brrrr!!

A Gunnar dog…

Icies with llamas.

This hen has the right idea to stay toasty during cold winter mornings.

Going for a little ride.

Thor, keeping all the little sheepies and chickens safe.

Brrrrr…. Where’s fall?

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Dog love…

Hayden decided to make sure the two big dogs had their daily dose of loves…

Hayden with Thor, I think he was about to fall over from all the love pats.

Feels so good!

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How about Dugur?

Dugur gets some loves too.

Keep scratchin

What do you suppose he's telling Dugur?

Good thing Hayden has two hands.

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Crazy Busyness…

It’s been a bit of a hectic week to say the least.  Here are a few things going on here…

(Please click on the pictures to make them larger)

Zayne, waiting his turn to ride on Iris.

Cousins, getting to experience the farm.

Emma, enjoying the beautiful spring day.

Calypso, a black grey mouflon enjoying the sun.

Bluebirds are back!!

Road trip, then down a very long very bumpy road. So bumpy it shook some bolts loose on our rack.

One reason for the road trip. Ram exchange!

Ewe in the evening light....

Before Mark left to do some soil sampling, the lil' boys wanted a picture.

Waiting for ewes to explode!

Teigen testing out his bike for first time this spring.

Another reason for the road trip...Thor! (on the right, Dugur on the left)

I'm not even sure what the boys are doing here?

The last reason for the trip...Ali and Bambi!


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