Weekend Happenings…

Outside on the farm…




photo 2 (10)-002


IMG_8675 IMG_8677

Watering can frozen…IMG_8678 IMG_8681

Feeding time…IMG_8691

Thor watching…IMG_8695 IMG_8697

Chicken scratching…IMG_8705



A perfect arrow!  Chicken Track…IMG_8707

Dugur’s sweet face…

photo 4 (2)

Some happens inside…

I was able to skirt quite a few fleeces.

photo 1 (11) photo 2 (11) photo 3 (9) photo 4 (6) photo 5 (1)

My helper, Mr Zesty…photo (43)

A little color inside…


African Violet blooming…P4010151 P4010155

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Keeping Critters Warm…


Brrrrrrrrr, we are still having some seriously cold weather.  This was the weather report from this morning…1555586_741479072530159_2028721829_n

Our water was froze up and it was freezing in our house but outside the sheep didn’t seem to mind too much…

P1130151 P1130152 P1130155-001 P1130159 P1130160-001


Good thing they are hardy Icelandic’s!  This week they’ve been getting extra hay and always have access to the barn and sheds…P1130169 P1130176-001 P1130179

The chickens don’t seem to care for it at all though…


Good thing there are lots warm sheep taxi’s to keep them warm!



BTW, our water is going again and we should be starting to warm back up!  Oh ya, we should start lambing any day now, hurry up warmer weather…


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Full Color Day…


Cold, cold, cold today!  But gorgeous blue skies today… P1130174P1130138

These little gals showed up in the back yard, all fluffed-up, sunning themselves.


I love how colorful these wild turkey hens look in full sun.

P1130188 P1130192 P1130194

Complete with a beautiful sunset…



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I’m missing the freezing fog this week.  We are experience extremely cold temperatures here this week.  Tonight’s low is suppose be -10 F with wind-chills bringing the temps down to -20 to -30 degrees F.  Wishing it was a bit warmer like it was in these pictures…


IMG_8327 IMG_8338 IMG_8517 IMG_8521 IMG_8387 P1120047 P1120049 IMG_8464 IMG_8403


Did I mention we have a handful of Suffolk ewes due any day now?  Hopefully they got the memo on not delivering in this cold.  Brrrrrr….


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