Sitting on the Side of a Mountain…

Watching the sun give off it’s final whoo-raw for the day.  Getting to spend the entire day with my best friend.  How could it get any better?



As the sun was just starting to set, it lit up the other side of valley.  Particularly this waterfall coming off the mountain…IMG_7671 IMG_7677 IMG_7687

Also these mountain peaks…

IMG_7691 P6296161

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Our evenings…

Our evenings have been spent trying to cool down.

On our way!

Our destination!

We decided we like showing up at our local public beach later in the evening, while there is still lots of heat in the air but fewer people on the dock.

The girls out having fun…


Lots of fun!


Take the plunge!






Belly flop!


Nothing more fun than an old-fashioned tractor tube!


Leapin lizards…or Hayden’s!


Brave Zayne, he loves the water!








Teigen’s flip!


Rock that tube!


Ready, Set…




Warm-up huddle.


What a perfect way to end a hot, summer day!