More Lamb Love…

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Brrrr! Where’s fall?

A snowy Kletta.

We awoke to more snow this morning.  Definitely feeling more and more like winter.  Brrrr!!

A Gunnar dog…

Icies with llamas.

This hen has the right idea to stay toasty during cold winter mornings.

Going for a little ride.

Thor, keeping all the little sheepies and chickens safe.

Brrrrr…. Where’s fall?

Farmgirl Friday Blog Hop # 80

La la la la la ~

Lots of kids ~La la la la la-ing!

This week’s letter is “Ll”  🙂

Little lamb...


The Lil's listening to tonight's story (my favorite!)

Love ~ made by none other than my little man


Llama~ baby Hope.

There is always lots of laundry to do!

Little lads looking after lamby...

Remember to Look up and Listen ~ for that is where our hope comes from~

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Jordan and baby Hope

In February we were very excited to Jordan to our menagerie of animals here.  She had a sad story of abuse and neglect so we decided to put her to work here on the farm guarding sheep.  She has fit in well and on Friday surprised us with this little cria!  Friday just happened to be Zayne’s birthday too and he thinks Jordan is his “yama”  so he was very excited to have a baby “yama” for a birthday present.