Pulling a lamb…


Hayden has become quite the helper around here this lambing season.  He loves all aspects of lambing, even when things are going quite right.  He has witnessed two cesarean sections that were performed on ewes this year.  He has stayed up several times to the wee hours of the morning, assisting in lambing.  He fights with his older siblings over who gets to help pull the lambs.



Here, Fiona, was having just a bit of difficulty getting this big ram lamb out.  Tori is showing Hayden what to do.   I like letting the kids help when it is not a crisis.  Then hopefully when there is a one, we can handle it better…IMG_3727




One leg out and untangled…IMG_3732

Working on the other slippery one…IMG_3734


Both legs out and we can see the face and if you look close, horn buds through the perineal area…IMG_3739


Mama getting him all cleaned up…

Together with his sister.IMG_3752

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We still have about 17 ewes to lamb, give or take a few depending on how many of the yearling ewes caught last fall.  This lambing season has just zoomed on by and we’re about done!


Precious little ewe lamb, she weighed just 2.5 lbs when she was born.


Handsome ram lambs, out of Louise.


Do I know how she feels!? Tired, yep; sore, yep; walked on, welllll… 😉


Handsome Reykur, lambs will be coming from his pairing soon.


Protector of the flock




Beautiful boy ❤

And the chicks are even growing and in their big chicken feathers now.



A smitten little girl!

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Magnificent Sunset…

It has been a wet,stormy day filled with rain and thunderstorms but this evening we were blessed with…


Beauty after the storm…. IMG_2824

And reflections off the mud puddles…IMG_2829

It one of my most favored things about spring, IMG_2831

Storms mixed with a bit sun which makes the grass and plants turn a vivid green…IMG_2833



Happiness!IMG_2837 IMG_2841 IMG_2847 IMG_2857

IMG_2872 IMG_2887 IMG_2895

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Last Sunday, my littlest little boy stayed home from church with me to tend to the sheep.  We had a very wonderful morning…


Yes, we now have three bottle babies and they are waiting very impatiently while I make their bottles up and Zayne decides which jello flavor he wants.


Frodo,Frost and Snoopy following us around while we do chores…



Photo by Zayne:  🙂


Checking out how the leash works…P5122320

Another photo by Zayne of Thor and the three stooges…P5122312

Another photo taken by Zayne of the hen (above) and the pasture (below).P5122317

My zany Zayne!


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Little ewe…


This little ewe lamb was born just a bit before noon.  She’s just a wee-little-thing.  Maybe 3 lbs.  Tori helped her get her stomach full of colostrum by syringe feeding her. P5061815 P5061817 P5061818 P5061819 P5061821

After getting a full belly we left baby and mom alone.  When we went to check on them a half hour later the little ewe had figured out how to stand and nurse from her mama, all on her own!P5061826 P5061827

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X-tra Special…

Well it finally happened.  After 6 years of shepherding we have our first bottle baby.  Right now no one seems to mind and have affectionately called the little ewe lamb, Snoopy.

IMG_1874 IMG_1875

This was an extra special feeding since the kids were able to share it with their cousin!  IMG_1877 IMG_1878 IMG_1880 IMG_1883 IMG_1884 IMG_1885

We are hoping to be able to graft little Snoopy onto the next ewe that has a single.

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