Palling Around

Miss Emmalynn and Gunnar…

P1130241When Emmalynn woke up she had seen that it snowed and kept pestering everyone about going sledding. They were all busy getting school work and chores done for the day and they promised to take her later.  She acted like she was alright with that answer.  Soon enough we heard the door open and close and when I went to investigate I found this little girl out, playing with Gunnar…P1130246

So much for waiting!


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Face to Face…


Breaking from the herd…


Here she comes…

P2080303Meet Ciarra, she is one of the most friendly Icelandic ewes you’ll ever meet.

She decided she needed to go investigate the fuzzy, barking thing on the other side of the fence.


Gunnar, our Icelandic sheepdog decided to say hi too.




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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

It’s starting to become a bit depressing around here.  Rain, rain and more rain.  We are all wishing it would cool down and SNOW!  With all this mud and muck it feels like spring, instead of winter.












These pictures were taken this spring.  It pretty much looks and feels the same, except the grass is now brown and the baby lambs are grown-up!

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Morning Sunshine…

The morning sun shining through the black clouds was beckoning me to come out and explore…

The sun shining through…

The geese flying through the rising sun was spectacular.

A good dog to go on your morning walk.
Gunnar, our Icelandic Sheepdog.

The hens taking a drink out of a puddle from last night’s rain.

The red crab apples dangling from a tree caught my attention, too.

Carly looked so shiny,bright and silky in morning sun.

The last of the Aspen leaves…

The llamas grazing along the hill-top.

A glowing rooster…

Beautiful Eisa glowing in the morning light.

A Blue Ameraucana hen…

A happy boy came to visit me as well!

What a refreshing way to start the day!

The Chicken Chick

Brrrr! Where’s fall?

A snowy Kletta.

We awoke to more snow this morning.  Definitely feeling more and more like winter.  Brrrr!!

A Gunnar dog…

Icies with llamas.

This hen has the right idea to stay toasty during cold winter mornings.

Going for a little ride.

Thor, keeping all the little sheepies and chickens safe.

Brrrrr…. Where’s fall?

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Gone to the dogs…

Vaka, Frank and Bellah waiting...

With 6 working dogs our farm is a busy, bustling place.

Frank with Gunnar and Kletta

Dugur jumping fences to get into the next paddock.

Kletta in the snow...

Frank, down.

Beautiful Bellah.

Vaka, hanging out with the heifers.

Gunnar enjoying the sunshine.

Big Dugur out patrolling...

Playful Kletta...

This past week has been an interesting one for the dogs.  We ended up taking Bellah and Dugur  into the vet for their health checks and updates on rabies, etc.    Big, tough Dugur is quite the wimp while riding in the van the 15 minutes to the vets office.  He quivers and shakes and looks quite pitiful.  Then we get to the vets office and he feels the need to pee all over everything IN the building claiming the whole building for himself!  They both looked great and Dugur weighed in at 105 lbs!  This week Vaka and Frank get the privileged of going on a little van ride.  :0)

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