Bike Riding…

After several months of sitting in the garage, the kids were able to pull their bikes out and give them a spin the other day.  The ice has for the most part all melted and the road is fairly firm so they have spent quite a bit of time and energy peddling all around.




Hanging out with Garrett on his bike.



Zayne going fast on his scooter.



Teigen getting going…


We have been enjoying this spring weather so much.  Just in time too, I think we were all getting a bit of cabin fever.  And with 4 little boys in the house, it’s nice to send them out to get rid of that excess energy on bike riding instead of each other!

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Hayden’s Happy Birthday

Hayden’s Happy Birthday @ Papa’s and Grammy’s House

Hayden is our little miracle boy.  He was born at 27 weeks after my water broke at 25 weeks.  He was a 2 lbs 6.9 oz  and 13 1/2 inches long!  To read his birth story go here.

Mark’s hand over Hayden

This is a quick clip of one of Hayden’s first baths in the hospital.  The nurse is the one doing the talking in the video.


Hayden turning 2!

This is a very cute clip of Hayden trying to blow out his candles!


Hayden’s life started off a bit scary but he has been a total blessing!  He is such a hard worker and loves his family and friends so much.  He loves school, his chickens and helping others out.

Happy 9th Birthday!

Snow and kids!

We’ve had our first official measurable snowfall for this season.  We received about 4 inches Tuesday night and bit more on Wednesday.  It seems like fall was  splendid but it never stays around long enough.  The boys took full advantage of a snow covered hill and wore the snow right off it…

Part of the boys coming down the hill. Zayne is all grins!

Whoa, a bit of turning. Zayne’s still smiling though!

Big CRASH!! Not sure that he is still smiling!

Face-plant and kind of cold.

Teigen’s turn.


CRASH!! Yep that’s just his head, the rest of him is buried under the snow.

Hayden,doing a bit of standing on his sled.


And of course, Kletta has to chase them down the hill…

We celebrated the day and enjoyed hot cocoa, hot apple cider and had warm, home-made rolls with cream of potato soup for supper.  It doesn’t get much better than this!

Little Boys…

Been super busy lately!  We are almost finished with lambing and only have nine ewes left.  I will have to update my blog soon with all that’s been going on.  Here’s a few pictures of my little rambunctious boys.

Tiegen looking down from the roof of the chicken house.



Practicing his form…

Good job!

Teigen’s shot…


See that, mom?


Going for a ride!

Faster, Faster, FASTER!!

Gonna rope ya!

♥ ♥ Precious ♥ ♥

Precious little boy…(taken at the State Shooting Sports tournament in Bozeman)

After hanging out, watching the kids shoot all day Zayne was starting to get a bit sleepy.

So was dad. 😉

I love how he put his hat on his knee.

His new cap!

Really knocked out! Love his little face.

Little, sleepy grin.

Later that night, before going swimming. Silly boy!!

Precious little boy.

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