The lambs and sheep are looking wonderful!  Their fleeces have grown all summer long….

P1060820 P1060823 P1060828 P1060843

The rams fleeces even look exceptional this year!


They are even feeling a bit ramish, those hormones are changing as we creep closer to the end of October.


Thankfully, Brandon was available to shear this last weekend and did a wonderful job!


Some more of the shearing crew…

IMG_6829 IMG_6833

Jason, my brother-in-law, even sheared a bit.  He’s shearing my favorite fleece here…


All business…


A happy Dugur dog…


A pretty mouflon…



Two rams getting reacquainted after loosing their fleeces.


They don’t seem to really recognize each other and will fight reestablish the pecking order.  Boys!

What a job!  It took the whole weekend but all sheep came out of beautiful and now I have a ton of fleece to sort through!  Any helpers?

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Bedded down…

Post-shearing… (if you missed our shearing experience last week go here)


Thankfully, the weather has remained fairly mild this week and by Saturday we are suppose to hit 50 degrees!!


Even though we have several sheds and a barn for them to bed down in, they are just content to lay in the rows of straw next to their feeders.







There was also a visitor checking out the activities below him….


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<3 (a bit late!)

We’ve been a bit busy this week but we hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Here are some “naturally” occurring hearts for all of you…

Heart snowflake...


Hayden's rock heart...

Even in patterns on lambs!

A Valentine's Sunset!

Even a recent sunset all decked out in Valentine colors!  😉


And the reason I love my Valentine?

Mark tagging my ewes so I can see what going on as we get closer to lambing!

The roses and night out without any kids was pretty nice too though!


Really Ramming with Fall Shearing…

We held our annual fall shearing yesterday. The weather cooperated and it was beautiful ~a great day to get it done.

Here is a slideshow showing Jason shearing a ewe lamb…

Mark even tried has hand at shearing…

One of the dangers of shearing is that after a sheep or in this case, a ram has been shorn, the other rams do not recognize him and they will fight for dominance.

The two head smashers had to be separated as Sullivan took a pretty good cut to the head and Icelandic rams have been known to fight till the death.



Blackfoot imprisoned...

Griswold with a fresh shave.



When it was all said and done we ended up having quite a few laughs throughout the day, Mark tried his hand at shearing and we ended up with some beautiful fleeces!

Thanks again Jason!


Have I ever mentioned how fortunate we are to have a brother who is a Shearer?  Tis that time of year again for our lil’ flock to have their spring haircut and Jason just graciously brings all of his shearing stuff over and spends the afternoon with us.  Last fall between work schedules and hunting we were unable to get shearing in, so by this spring the sheep had grown a tremendous coat… 

Their long wool coats…

Most of the pictures that I took ended up being fuzzy, the barn is sort of dark with lots of motion and I dared not use a flash to encourage the sheep to jump any more than they all ready were while being trimmed!  Apparently Icelandic’s are unlike most sheep and try to fight the Shearer instead of just sitting back, relaxing and enjoying the trim.  They are constantly kicking and slipping out of position~which Jason handles amazingly well. 

Another look at the group.

 It always amazes me to see how easy he manages to make it look.  It’s like peeling a banana…with a bit more fuzz!  Shearing was a bit more difficult this time as the sheep were starting their natural wool break (where they naturally start to shed their wool).  Jason would be able to zoom through a sheep that had not started in their wool break and then on another that had  started it, it was like the shearing piece would just get bogged down.  Despite the ornery sheep and wool break, Jason did an amazing job! 

Shearing a lamb…



Shearing a ram lamb...


Jason shearing a ewe...


Jason did a great job of shearing our flock.  Thanks again!  We sure had a fun afternoon watching you do your thing.