First Taste of Spring…

We’ve had our first taste of Spring this year!  Finally, the four Suffolk ewes we had bred last fall lambed.  They were all a week later than expected but it worked out wonderfully as the week they were due we had temperatures 20 to 30 below zero with lots of snow.  The temperatures have shifted to the high 30’s and low 40’s, a bit better for lambing in.  Smart mamas!

photo 5

The first ewe to lamb was Garrett’s ewe, Velma.  She had no problems and lambed in front of a large audience, giving birth to a large, single, ram lamb

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2)photo 4 (2)1

IMG_8854 IMG_8860

The next ewe to lamb was Teigen’s ewe, Cookie, she is a yearling and it was her first time lambing.  Sometime in the wee hours of the morning she gave birth.   When I went to check the ewes in the morning, Teigen’s ewe was out standing with a little lamb beside it and then my eye caught a little lump in the snow.  When I went closer I found another lamb, I thought she was dead and then she moved just a bit…wow…made me go into hyper-drive. She was sooo cold, cold mouth, body, etc. I couldn’t believe she was still alive. She had the full spa treatment…warm water soak while in a garbage sack to retain all of the mama’s smells, tubed with mama’s milk, then on to a warming box with a hairdryer, and eventually a warm rice sock on the belly and she gradually came to life. She started to nuzzle and looking for something to eat and drank most of her bottle…

photo 3

And as things typically go in our house, the recycling had just been taken out and the only bottle we could find was a 2 liter bottle!  But it did the trick…

photo 4

The kids have affectionately named her Elsa from the movie Frozen.   Elsa, eventually tried out her little legs and then did some more snuggling with the rice sock. When she woke up and she was hungry and her temperature was back to normal, so she was reunited with mom and brother.  The mom ended up taking  her back no problems, let her nurse and all is well!

photo 2

The next one to lamb was Maddie’s ewe, Wild…


Again with a full audience hanging out in the feed bunk…IMG_8840

Two onlookers…


The second little ewe lamb was having a bit of trouble breathing so I was busy using a nasal syringe  to help clear the mucous from her throat. IMG_8850-001 IMG_8838

A nice set of twins, one ram and one ewe!


Garrett and Emmy watching…

Then Sunday morning we were greeted with this…


A strong, healthy ewe lamb.  Dried off and had a full belly!


Now we have a few weeks off until the Icelandics start their run.  Which will mean long days and short nights. But I look forward to it all year!  Hopefully the Icelandics have as good of a run as the Suffolks did.

Coming Soon…

IMG_8866 IMG_8879 IMG_8936 IMG_8970 IMG_8994

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Delight this morning…

Tori went out to check mamas at lunch and found Delight on her back and legs flailing. Tori was able to get her turned over right away and when Delight stood up she noticed she was starting to go into labor.  Thankful for observant young ladies today!


Felicity getting something to eat…


A beautiful black spotted ewe lamb.


Warming up under the heat lamp…


❤ Felicity ❤ Love the heart pattern on her nose.

IMG_9798 IMG_9802 IMG_9803 IMG_9826

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Bliss, our pretty blue ewe…


Her twins!


When we did our midnight check last night, I could hear babies crying loudly and knew something was up. Thor, our Akbash LGD, was guarding one of the hoop houses and when I shined my light in there I found these two treasures up and trying to nurse. I thought it was pretty neat to see Thor protecting Bliss and her babies. Thor had to stop by and see how things were this morning. IMG_9727



Chunky ram lamb. He is a spotted grey moorit (brown).


Nice chunky ewe lamb. She is solid black!

IMG_9761 IMG_9765 IMG_9721 IMG_9776 IMG_9785

Who will be the next to lamb?  Perhaps Delight?

Who will be the next to lamb? Perhaps Delight?

The other lambs received their BoSe supplements and are now sporting tags.

Miss Fern making herself comfy in her mom's feeder...

Miss Fern making herself comfy in her mom’s feeder…


Finn and Fern sporting their new eartags...

Finn and Fern sporting their new eartags…

Little Fleur and her pretty purple tag...

Little Fleur and her pretty purple tag…

Freyja snoozing with mom, Freckles...

Freyja snoozing with mom, Freckles…

Mr Flint sporting his flashy yellow tag!

Mr Flint sporting his flashy yellow tag!


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Preparing for Lambing…



With some of ewes taking on the appearance of swallowing barrels, whole, we have been busying ourselves preparing for lambing…


Mark moved the sheds to the maternity pen, which will be transformed into lambing jugs.


Zayne, watching all the activity…



The best fencing crew, ever.  They are replacing fencing with some hog panels so we will have easier access to both pens.


Moving manure to one of the many compost piles…


A first time lamber, bagging up!




I think we managed to catch these two with artificial insemination!  (We are members of a coop that  imported semen from Iceland)


We still have a bunch of work to do, it always seems never ending but we are getting closer.   I need to recheck and clean out the vet box and lambing supplies this week and make sure I have everything we might need. Watch for lambs within the next two weeks!

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Little Aurora

We awoke to another little surprise this morning…


The kids watching the activity in the barn…


A beautiful, black ewe lamb!


She was dried off, up and nursing when the kids found her this morning!




All tuckered out!


Little Spring and her mama were let out of their jug today to go explore the wide world…




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