Fabulous Day…


We spent a wonderful spring day moving sheds to the lambing paddock.  Only a week left until we should start seeing lambs!

IMG_9094 IMG_9096 IMG_9097 IMG_9108 IMG_9148 IMG_9179

While dad moved sheds the kids had wheelbarrow rides…

IMG_9119 IMG_9125 IMG_9126 IMG_9128 IMG_9129 IMG_9146

The sheep romped…


and ate…


Dugur watched…

IMG_9210 IMG_9211-Edit

and the chickens did… chicken things.

IMG_9220 IMG_9100



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Hanging out with ewe…


We are about a week out from seeing our first lambs arrive.  Excited doesn’t even begin to describe how I am feeling.  I think this season is one of my favorites, ranking up there with all major holidays.  😉

Very large Audrad, pregnant with AI babies. Sire is Raftur from Iceland!

This fall we imported semen from Iceland to inseminate some of the ewes with.  I am not sure how successful we were but we definitely had a couple catch, which is very exciting!

Esja checking out the hen.

It was quite funny watching Esja interact with this hen.  She would let the hen pick little pieces of hay off of her and wag her tail the whole time.  🙂

Red heads!

Dugur made sure everyone was behaving themselves and would come and check things out every couple of minutes…

Dugur watching...

I love the pattern of the Silver Laced Wyandotte!  So dainty looking.

Silver Laced Wyandotte

Lukka is another ewe in the AI group.  We are hoping she caught with a Grabotni straw.

Lukka, is she carrying Grabotni babies?

Hen nesting in one of the ewe sheds...

Dyr, the ewe matriarch decided to stick her head in and see what I was up to.

Dyr, the matriarch.

Getting a drink.

Uma is another ewe that looks like she caught with AI.  Yeah!

Dyr (in front) and Uma.

Pretty Sybil was taking a bit of a rest…

Sybil, resting.

Druna is expecting her first lamb this spring.

A one winter ewe, Druna.

Esja, is another hopeful…in the AI category.  She looks as if she could be carrying Bogi babies!

A bit of a belly on Esja.

The rain started up so these two took shelter and I took that as my cue to head back to the house!

Hiding out~ Drifa and Alita.

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Dog Days…

Lambs and Dugur

Several weeks ago we turned rams and ewes that were not bred out to pasture across the road.  Then this last Sunday  it was the mommas turns to be out on to pasture.  We turned them out on a pasture that is close to house so we keep close tabs on them.  This pasture is needing to be restored and soon we will be drilling in some sainfoin with orchard grass.  So our first order of business was to turn the ewes out and let them have at it.  The ewes and lambs are so happy and it is just so neat to see them out on grass!    But the sheep weren’t the only ones happy to be out…

Friendly face
Enjoying the day…
Dugur and Vakka

Vakka is growing too!  She keeps busy watching over the rams.  Until she decides to not treat the sheep like other puppies she’ll be watching the boys who keep her line.  I forgot how much work puppies are!


Soon we will be turning them out on a different segment of pasture and hopefully (if it ever stops raining!) getting the tractor going and seeding that sainfoin so it can be used this fall.

Little Turkeys…

Yesterday I filled the bird feeders.  Jusssst in time too!



Yep, turkeys in the feeder!  And Frank just sat there and watched them of course because they are not sheep.


While some ate out of the feeders others decided to eat some of the wild amaranth that had been growing in the garden.

What did Dugur think?

Well when Bellah decided that she didn’t think they needed to be hanging around  any longer, she herded them away towards the sheep pasture…

Dugur didn’t think they belonged out there either!



Goofy things. 🙂


The sheep have been moved across the road and are enjoying new grazing.  Dugur loves to sit atop the hill and keep look-out.


Yesterday morning two dogs pushed through the fence.  I believe without Dugur there these dogs would have had a hay day chasing sheep.  Instead Dugur pushed all the sheep into the far corner of the pasture and he positioned himself in between the dogs and sheep not letting the dogs get close.  It was too neat!  

When retrieving the offenders they did not want to come back through the electric fence.  Hopefully having had a taste of the electricity they will stay out. These dogs have been allowed to roam loose and have been spotted a ways from their house running down the main road that is busy with traffic.   The dogs were returned to their owner who did not seem too concerned that they were running loose and in with the sheep and seemed quite rude.   We have heard about  the damage dogs can do just having a good time.    Hopefully though the electric fence was enough to convince them that they won’t want to go back in.  But in the meantime…


I’m glad Dugur is on duty!