Fabulous Day…


We spent a wonderful spring day moving sheds to the lambing paddock.  Only a week left until we should start seeing lambs!

IMG_9094 IMG_9096 IMG_9097 IMG_9108 IMG_9148 IMG_9179

While dad moved sheds the kids had wheelbarrow rides…

IMG_9119 IMG_9125 IMG_9126 IMG_9128 IMG_9129 IMG_9146

The sheep romped…


and ate…


Dugur watched…

IMG_9210 IMG_9211-Edit

and the chickens did… chicken things.

IMG_9220 IMG_9100



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Keeping Critters Warm…


Brrrrrrrrr, we are still having some seriously cold weather.  This was the weather report from this morning…1555586_741479072530159_2028721829_n

Our water was froze up and it was freezing in our house but outside the sheep didn’t seem to mind too much…

P1130151 P1130152 P1130155-001 P1130159 P1130160-001


Good thing they are hardy Icelandic’s!  This week they’ve been getting extra hay and always have access to the barn and sheds…P1130169 P1130176-001 P1130179

The chickens don’t seem to care for it at all though…


Good thing there are lots warm sheep taxi’s to keep them warm!



BTW, our water is going again and we should be starting to warm back up!  Oh ya, we should start lambing any day now, hurry up warmer weather…


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Spring Time Treasures in the Fall…


Thursday, we continued right along with winter-like weather pattern (and have actually all weekend!)….

P1080501 P1080504 P1080535 P1080502

It was just another typical day on the farm… even if  Darla was hanging out on the top van!  Actually, she was trying to get away from one of the dogs trying to herd her back to the chicken coop.

P1080552 P1080555



It continued to snow all day and around 4, I sent Hayden out to take the garbage out to the dumpster.  He started out across the yard and then dropped the garbage sack and started to run way out in the yard.  He came running back in to the house with something in his hands…



 A nearly half-frozen baby chick!  Well, that got the household into a frenzy of kids trying to  find coats, gloves and hats and hustling out the door to see if they could find more…


P1080575 P1080574

After scouring the yard and pastures they found two more half-froze babies!  We thought for sure one was going to pass on.  Tori took some warm water and started to syringe feed a bit of that to the baby while holding it next to the wood stove.  Amazingly, it came around and has been a happy camper all weekend!  We never did find a hidden nest anywhere but the kids found a the naughty Red Star that decided to go broody in the middle of October with the other two chicks.  Seriously?!  Doesn’t she know we live in MT and it gets cold in November!  For now everyone is locked up in the fruit room, cozy and warm.P1080571

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Friday Farm Daze…

Another very busy week here…


Eggs in a lambing jug…


A very cute Fleur…


Handsome Draumer…


Keeping a watchful eye…


Birch and Sam…




Very close, I hope, to lambing…


Part Border Collie, part lamb…little Charlie loves to chase the chickens.


Proud Mama, Drifa!


Drifa with her ram lamb Finn, and ewe lamb Fern.

Finn, was the first to arrive and had a perfect delivery.  Little Fern was the last to make her appearance. Her front feet were coming out but no head. She had it way off to the side and twisted back. At 2 am I was convinced this was a headless lamb… I was about to give up fishing for it when it last I caught hold of it. It took several more minutes trying to align it correctly and finally pull her out. She span right to life and got busy looking for something to eat!

Drifa is such a good mamma. She was holding perfectly still while letting little Finn nurse and was licking little Fern off right after she was born. Fern, while trying to figure out her legs kept going backwards and Drifa would stretch her neck a little further and keep cleaning and holding perfectly still!



The chicken stomper, Miss Freckles! Poor henny was just trying to find a spot to lay eggs, she decided that next Freckles baby was not the spot!


Eking closer!


Mr Flint…


Adorable Miss Freya…


A happy Thor dog…






The boys delivering eggs…




The sun came out for a brief moment.


Mother and last year’s daughter…



The miracle of birth (Do you see the tiny hooves making their appearance?)



This little Auracauna is quite funny!


She very meticulously makes a nest everyday in the straw, even though there are nesting boxes.  She must not enjoy the claustrophobic feeling?


She will grab little pieces from here and there, making the perfect little nest…

P4060602 P4060603

This day she thought the perfect place was right beside Svarta…

P4040288 P4040289



Perfect little blue egg!

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