Beautiful Iris in the snow…

Hello, girl.

Meeting the dogs...

Saying, hello to Raphi.

Snowy day...

We have been having crazy weather this winter.  One moment is snowing and blowing  and the next it’s a balmy 45 degrees causing the roads and pastures to be an icy mess.  Poor Iris (and Tori) have not been able to get much riding in.  I think we will all be happy to see the ice melt and to have dirt beneath our feet.  I love the snow but not so much with the ice.

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Alphabe-Thursday the letter “N”

La la la la la ~

Lots of kids ~La la la la la-ing!

This week’s letter is “Ll”  🙂

Little lamb...


The Lil's listening to tonight's story (my favorite!)

Love ~ made by none other than my little man


Llama~ baby Hope.

There is always lots of laundry to do!

Little lads looking after lamby...

Remember to Look up and Listen ~ for that is where our hope comes from~

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