Barrow’s Goldeneye…

On a hike by Fishercap Lake in Many Glaciers…IMG_0131IMG_0120

We spotted a few female (what we believe to be ) Barrow’s Goldeneye…IMG_0097

They ended up getting a bit too close together and duck decided she didn’t want the other around…IMG_0093-Edit IMG_0092-Edit IMG_0091-Edit IMG_0090-Edit IMG_0089-Edit

And chased the other one away!IMG_0088-Edit

Cool Facts

  • The Barrow’s Goldeneye is rather long-lived for a duck, with one individual reaching 18 years of age. Most females do not breed until they are three years old.
  • Like the Common Goldeneye, the Barrow’s Goldeneye is not too particular about holding on to its own offspring. A female may lay eggs in the nest of another goldeneye or other species of cavity-nesting duck. Once the ducklings come out of the nest, the broods of different females often come together and are taken care of by a single female. The young ducklings are highly independent, feeding on their own, and require little parental care.
  • For a species with such widely separated populations, it is perhaps surprising that the Barrow’s Goldeneye shows little variation from place to place. Those breeding in North America are essentially identical on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Female Barrow’s Goldeneyes breeding in Iceland do not get as extensively yellow bills as the North American birds, but have only a yellow or orangish band on the outer third of the otherwise dusky bill.

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7 comments on “Barrow’s Goldeneye…

  1. Margaret says:

    Hi. Erin. the first 2 shots are stunning. I thought the duck might be a Common Goldeneye. the reason is that the Barrow’s has a more yellow beak with a black tip whereas the COMMON has A darker bill with an yellow tip. Also the common’s eye is really yellow and the Barrows is lighter yellow or whitish. I am NOT an expert but it was good for me to look at the differences.

  2. Andy says:

    Good set of photos.

  3. That is a very long lived duck. I didn’t know any ducks lived that long as I know many geese are long lived.. I love seeing waterfowl especially different from what I see and those are lucky ducks with that view…Michelle

  4. Cracking looking duck! Love those action shots.

    Stewart M – Melbourne (but in the UK at present!)

  5. Florence says:

    Just beautiful! And I had no idea that they were that long lived.

  6. Eileen says:

    The Goldeneye is a beautiful duck! Awesome scenery and lovely photos.

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