Life on a Stump…

Even though the stump itself is lifeless, life flourishes…IMG_0421IMG_0424

Fairy cups…

IMG_0428 IMG_0440

A spider’s web encased in dew…IMG_0444

Blue lichen…

IMG_0450 IMG_0455-Edit

Left-over leaves from last fall and another spider’s web…IMG_0464

Catkin’s from a bush growing out of the stump…IMG_0469

Even a new little seedling…IMG_0461

Macro Monday

Today’s Flowers

Shine the Divine


7 comments on “Life on a Stump…

  1. Felicia says:

    beautiful nature macros and all from one stump.

  2. Margaret says:

    New life is here if we open our eyes to see the wonder of it. Beautiful macro work.

  3. Gunilla says:

    Great shots! I love the fairy cups.

  4. Wow that was neat to see all the different things you found growing around or on the dead stump.

  5. What a beautiful, beautiful series… so much life even on the ground. One of your little faerie cups is heart shaped! I am watching snowflakes flutter to the earth like tiny white butterflies at the moment. Thanks so much for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro ♥

  6. Miriam Luiza says:

    Lindas fotos! Milagre da vida!

  7. Moni says:

    These are great, beautiful photos. Never seen those fairy cups before – love them 😀

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