Amazing Week of Skies…

We’ve had a pretty busy week getting ready for lambing and doing some spring cleaning around our lambing sheds, double checking lambing equipment, checking ewes, plus normal family stuff and then we squeezed in an overnight trip to Choteau, MT.  More pictures of that trip coming up soon…

But we’ve had some pretty wonderful skies this past week….

Dramatic skies over the farm…IMG_3531 IMG_3525

Color in the rain coming down…IMG_3524 IMG_3516 IMG_3515 IMG_3473

Big black clouds passing through a sunset over the farm….IMG_3485 IMG_3478  IMG_1736

Waiting for sundown in Glacier National Park and the moon peaking out…IMG_1735 IMG_1621

Snow geese flying through the sky…IMG_1616

Sunset in Choteau, MT, above….IMG_1609

Sunrise in Choteau, MT…above and belowIMG_1604 IMG_1573

More sunset in Choteau, MT…IMG_1564 IMG_1551 IMG_1549 IMG_1527 IMG_1513 IMG_1505 IMG_1504

Sunset in the Mission Mountains, below….IMG_0730 IMG_0728 IMG_0718

More in Choteau, MT at Freezeout Lake…C96A2883 C96A2879 C96A2875 C96A2871-Edit C96A2868-Edit

Burning fields in Choteau…C96A2821

Clouds over our farm…C96A2780 C96A2771 C96A2764 C96A2745 C96A2742 C96A2734

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