Birds Abounding…

I just love going outside, even just for a minute!  The sound of bird songs fill the air, lifting my mood…IMG_9781


IMG_9784-Edit IMG_9787 IMG_9794-Edit

King Fisher…


Wild Turkeys flying over the farm…IMG_2129 IMG_2130-Edit

Bald Eagle flying over the farm….IMG_2135

A hawk of some sort…IMG_2137

Mating season for the wild turkeys and some pretty good displays by the toms…IMG_9525 IMG_9530 IMG_9531

A Meadowlark…


A colorful bunch of Crossbills on naked limbs and a dreary day…

IMG_9581 IMG_9583 IMG_9586 IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9608-2

Enjoy your spring day!

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5 comments on “Birds Abounding…

  1. Margaret says:

    WOW! Such a lot of way flying over your property. So many eagles. Wonderful to see them all.

  2. Lea says:

    Great bird photos, especially the strutting tom turkeys!

  3. Marie-AZ says:

    Fabulous shots! Those turkeys are amazing! And the songbirds as well! You found a bluebird of happiness…I love how his blue is the only bright color against the winter landscape!

  4. I too love all the bird song now…even with the snow

  5. Sorry, I’m so late in visiting….this has been a week of drs. appointments, etc.

    Wow…what a wonderful array of birds and birdsong. I just can’t imagine a flock of wild turkeys flying overhead. I bet the sound is incredible!! Well done. Lovin’ this post of all the activities and flight images!!

    Thanks for sharing this link to some fabulous photography this week at I’d Rather B Birdin’

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