Birds Abounding…

I just love going outside, even just for a minute!  The sound of bird songs fill the air, lifting my mood…IMG_9781


IMG_9784-Edit IMG_9787 IMG_9794-Edit

King Fisher…


Wild Turkeys flying over the farm…IMG_2129 IMG_2130-Edit

Bald Eagle flying over the farm….IMG_2135

A hawk of some sort…IMG_2137

Mating season for the wild turkeys and some pretty good displays by the toms…IMG_9525 IMG_9530 IMG_9531

A Meadowlark…


A colorful bunch of Crossbills on naked limbs and a dreary day…

IMG_9581 IMG_9583 IMG_9586 IMG_9591 IMG_9592 IMG_9608-2

Enjoy your spring day!

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Spring Time in the Aspens…

We’ve had some cool, cloudy, rainy days this week.  As I drove past the Aspen grove alongside our driveway, I noticed they’re were fuzzy catkins…IMG_9704 IMG_9698 IMG_9690

And raindrops, reflecting the tops of the trees above them…IMG_9668 IMG_9665-Edit IMG_9644 IMG_9637

The fuzzies up close…IMG_9625-Edit IMG_9623 IMG_9615 IMG_9613 IMG_9610-Edit IMG_9715-3

A beautiful rainy day…

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