Spring Time on the Farm…

Crazy Thelma had a little ram…IMG_2029

The boys are trying out their bows that their big brother made them out of limbs…IMG_2035

More Lamb Love…

IMG_2038 IMG_2044

Heart standing on a very pregnant  Mona…IMG_2063

Hayden working with his lamb…IMG_2065 IMG_2069

Tori getting some snuggles…IMG_2072

Garrett checking out the hens…IMG_2076

Frosty, our bottle lamb from two years ago has really grown into a nice ewe and is expecting lambs of her own this spring…IMG_2081

Dugur, always watching…IMG_2087

Our Copper Maran rooster, who has surprisingly been a real gentleman…IMG_2090-Edit

Our tough Espen RamIMG_2092

One of our Gotland/Icelandic crosses, she has some great growth on her and an interesting fleece…IMG_2095

Miss Freckles…


Miss Fawn…


Beautiful Fregna… can’t wait to see lambs from these girls…


And Mona finally  lambed, a sweet little black ewe.  That ends our pre-run on the Suffolks and we’ll start lambing in ernest in April….busy times ahead!!  🙂FullSizeRender (3)

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6 comments on “Spring Time on the Farm…

  1. Those baby lambs are so stinkin cute. I love the looks of your sheep. Are they all sheep or are some goats. That Ram was quite handsome. Love your dog too. Lots of great looking animals on your farm.

  2. They are all sheep. The really woolly looking ones are Icelandic Sheep, the others are Suffolk. The Icelandic will start lambing in 3 weeks. 🐑

  3. Margaret says:

    Wonderful to see lovely new life in the Lambs and the sheep and their young all look so heathy.

  4. love this sooo much! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature on Monday xo

  5. kim says:

    The babies are just so very sweet looking. Wish I could tour your farm in person!

  6. Karen says:

    Hayden with his lamb looks so happy. I love seeing your farm pictures, your animals are beautiful!

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