This last summer/fall my husband and I took a little hike on Ptarmigan Trail in Glacier National Park…IMG_2104

It was a gorgeous, blue skied day with the autumn leaves just starting to change…IMG_1920

We spotted these little ptarmigan cross the trail in front of us…IMG_2128-Edit IMG_2132-Edit IMG_2133-Edit IMG_2137-Edit IMG_2140-Edit

Oh! And we seen this above the trail…


Big ole sow grizzly snacking on berries…IMG_2019-Edit-Edit

What a beautiful day…IMG_1904-Edit-Edit

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13 comments on “Ptarmigan…

  1. what wonderful scenery you have around you. Not to sure if I would have wanted to be too close to the bear but it is a great shot. Loved al the bird shots and wondered if you saw this bird in the wintertime when it snowed?

  2. kzemek says:

    That is a beautiful place but don’t think I’d want that bear looking at me like that with wide open space between us–you must be very brave . . . or used to being around bears.

  3. dianaed2013 says:

    You certainly have a zest for life and lots of energy!!

  4. roth0003 says:

    Wow – that’s something to save to tell the grandkids!

  5. Gunilla says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love the scenery and the autumn colours.

  6. Eileen says:

    I loved Glacier. Great sightings and photos..

  7. Marie-AZ says:

    A stunningly beautiful place! Great photos! Love the ptarmigan and the bear!

  8. Pat says:

    Neat sightings of the Ptarmigan and the BEAR!

  9. Millie says:

    Gorgeous photos!

  10. dianaed2013 says:

    Thank you for the lovely photos – would love to be there!

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