10 comments on “Flying Pelicans…

  1. Gunilla says:

    I love the first photo.

  2. I love seeing these birds coming in to land but the first shots is exellent

  3. Christian says:

    Beautiful photos.

  4. Frank (UK) says:

    Nice shots Erin. Far more graceful in flight than on land.

  5. BumbleVee says:

    They are so cute and funny … I love them. I hope one day I can find the ones I hear are around our area…. next summer. How they migrate I know not….but, they do…..

  6. Pelicans look so funny in flight. Great shots of them.

  7. You got such crisp clear photos! Very unusual birds…but I love them!

  8. Pat says:

    Beautiful shots. Pelicans are such cool birds.

  9. Awesome images!! I love to watch these pelicans [both brown and white]

    Thanks for sharing the link this week at I’d Rather B Birdin’. I’m a bit behind visiting since I’ve been getting my new computer all set up and programs installed. I think I’m now able to catch up.

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