The Hike Back Down…


The sun sinking down and throwing some great light on the surrounding mountains while we hike down on Logan Pass with our big brood…


Our hike was cut a little short when we saw this big guy coming down the mountain…



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4 comments on “The Hike Back Down…

  1. Peter B says:

    What’s the etiquette here… turn around and go the other way?!

  2. Wayne Lutz says:

    The sunset photo reminds me of something we call second sunset. We live where a tall hill blocks the sun, but lets it shine on an island across the water from us. We may be in the shade, but we can watch the sun climb the steep rock and forest cliff until it becomes officially sunset.

  3. Oh my that would cause one to rethink their hike. How cool you saw him though. Wish I could enlarge your photo to see him better.

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