On Sunday, it was time to move sheep to new pasture.  Their current pasture had been grazed down pretty well.


When Mark had went to open up the gate to the new pasture he found this little guy…


It appeared to have an injured wing and we didn’t want it to get crushed by the hooves of the sheep.  It was moved several feet away, to the adjoining pasture that didn’t have grazers in it.  The kids thought it was pretty cool!


Let the moving commence, out of the old pasture, across the road…


Through the gate and into the new pasture…


Lots of tall, green grass here…


Scattering a bit, in search of goodies!





Happy Day!



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12 comments on “Moving…

  1. Hootin' Anni says:

    Sweet baby bird photos….a “moving” experience for the kids too, I’m sure.

    Love the scenery of the sheep/fields…awesome
    Hootin’ Anni
    Anni @ I’d Rather B Birdin’

  2. Mama Zen says:

    What a sweet baby!

  3. Oh happy day- new greens!

  4. Eileen says:

    What a sweet baby bird, I hope it was OK.. I love the sheep photos.. Great post.

  5. Margaret says:

    Hi That a big job moving the sheep.The little bird is cute and I do hope he makes.

  6. Pat says:

    Cute little bird.
    The sheep look happy.

  7. Cute bird. I hope it was okay. The sheep look happy about the new pasture.

  8. Lorik says:

    What a lovely little bird. I hope it survived. As for your sheep pics..they are great! I am staying in the country at the moment and having great difficulty photographing sheep. No matter how still and quiet they are..they see me and run away!

  9. Neil says:

    Beautiful little bird.

  10. Felicia says:

    Love your photo’s. hope the bird mends ok.

  11. bet the sheep were more than happy to move into the green pasture; some great pickings there and the little bird find, I hope it prospered along.

  12. pattisj says:

    You have a lot of sheep to move around. I’m glad the little bird was spotted and safely moved.

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