Just Keeps Snowing…


We had a blizzard warning for this past weekend, mixed with high winds and dangerously low wind chills.  -20 to -30 below zero, brrrrr! 

My wonderful husband was the one to venture out and do chores and keep our road from drifting shut and the neighbors plowed our this weekend.  He had came inside to warm up for a minute and decided he needed a kiss.  Umm, no thanks honey, I’ll wait until you thaw out!

He also spotted this hawk hunkered down in the storm.  At first we weren’t sure what type of a bird it was…

P1130652 IMG_8732 IMG_8731 IMG_8733

Only 17 more days until Spring, right?!

I can’t wait for warmer days and to enjoy Montana’s wild flowers again…

IMG_7198 IMG_7222 IMG_7242 IMG_7327 IMG_7358-001 IMG_7421 IMG_7427 IMG_7460


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5 comments on “Just Keeps Snowing…

  1. I can certainly understand your wanting the warmer temps. That is ‘god awful cold’!!!
    …and I’m shivering in our home, and it’s 40 something above zero outside!

    Hope the hawk had sense enough to find a warmer area…like nearer to the barn?

    Stay warm. Seriously.

  2. oh my goodness… well eventually the snow WILL stop and spring will arrive… I’m guessing it might be a little longer than 17 days… it never comes that early here in NH anyway no matter what the calendar says. Thanks for sharing the love up-close with I Heart Macro:-)

  3. Gunilla says:

    Beautiful series! We got some wet snow over the weekend, but most of it melted right away.

  4. Teresa says:

    Love that face! I am ready for spring too. Great sighting of the hawk.

  5. Pat says:

    Ha! My husband had the same problem after shoveling snow!

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