Double Date…

This past Saturday we had a double date with my parents…




My mother is the primary care-giver, support person, and everything else to her sister, who is going through the final stages of terminal brain cancer.  My mom is the most caring person I know and would do anything to help anyone.  She works a more than full-time job at a busy health clinic and then spends her evenings and early mornings with her sister in the hospital.  She’s starting to run low, so we kidnapped her for the afternoon and evening and went to her favorite spot, took some pictures, froze to death and waited for the sun to set…

P1130100 - Copy P1130034 - Copy P1130039 - Copy P1130047 - Copy P1130048 - Copy P1130051 - Copy P1130086 - Copy


There wasn’t much color that night but we had fun.  Afterwards, we met my brother who happened to be in town for supper.  I think we all had a great time and it was wonderful to see my mom laugh and smile again.






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Keeping Critters Warm…


Brrrrrrrrr, we are still having some seriously cold weather.  This was the weather report from this morning…1555586_741479072530159_2028721829_n

Our water was froze up and it was freezing in our house but outside the sheep didn’t seem to mind too much…

P1130151 P1130152 P1130155-001 P1130159 P1130160-001


Good thing they are hardy Icelandic’s!  This week they’ve been getting extra hay and always have access to the barn and sheds…P1130169 P1130176-001 P1130179

The chickens don’t seem to care for it at all though…


Good thing there are lots warm sheep taxi’s to keep them warm!



BTW, our water is going again and we should be starting to warm back up!  Oh ya, we should start lambing any day now, hurry up warmer weather…


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